“Aww... come on. Just one BOOM! Pleeeease.

—Princess Star to the Bomb-bop Council
Princess Star
Full Name Princess Star Cappella
Gender Female
Location Cappella Kingdom
Current Status Alive; Princess of Cappella Kingdom
Class Main Heroine
Cappella Kingdom

Mushroom Kingdom Koopa Kingdom

Vulnerable To Fire
First Appearance Super Princess Deluxe

Princess Star is the rough and tough lost princess of Cappella Kingdom, and her love is Taylor, a Toad/Human librarian from the Mushroom Kingdom. She is also great friends with Princess Jane Koopa and is known for her non-princess-like behaviour. Star, like her foremothers and forefathers, was born in Starborn Valley, but was left there for her safety. Star is one of the most famous heroes throughout the Mushroom Kingdom, just behind the Mario Bros. During her journey, she frees and befriends Princess Jane, who -to this day- is her best friend. Star learns her identity as Princess Star Cappella, and rightfully takes her place as princess in the end of Super Princess Deluxe.


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Super Princess Deluxe RPG

This is the game in which Star is introduced. She starts out not aware of the fact that she is a princess, and doesn't learn said fact until she defeats Cierra alongside Princess Jane Koopa.