Princess Shokora
Princess shokora
Princess of an ancient unknown kingdom.
Gender Female
Species Human
Ability/ies Light powers (Super Mario Revival series only)
First Appearance Wario Land 4 (2001)

Princess Shokora is a character from Wario Land 4. She ruled over an ancient land, but was sealed into the body of a cat by the evil Golden Diva. Thousands of years later, Wario arrived, and freed Shokora of the curse. Once revived, she started to leave into heaven, but not before kissing Wario.

She is often considered to be Wario's secondary love interest, next to Mona.

She has many forms, one of which is known as the Item Shopkeeper.


Super Mario Revival series

Hot chocolat - get it! lol

Shokora in Super Mario Revival.

Princess Shokora appears in the final season of Super Mario Revival, Super Mario Unite!. She had come from the afterlife to aid Mario, Wario, and their friends against the new evil.

She is usually shown allied with Mona and Merelda. Shokora possesses light powers, and one such attack of hers is Radiance Beam. Her light powers are a reference to her angelic ascension in Wario Land 4.

In the ending credits for Super Mario Unite, Shokora is shown dancing at the ball with Princess Eclair.

In this series, Shokora appears in her grownup/adult form rather than her teenage form, which is commonly used in other titles.


In Super Mario Unite!, Princess Shokora doesn't enjoy leisure time that much and isn't as laid back as the other princesses. She isn't as bubbly and girly as Peach, but isn't as energetic and loud as Daisy either. Her personality is a tiny bit similar to Rosalina: nice, yet serious and stern, and with a strong determination to fight and defend innocent people.

It is said that Shokora's serious and stern personality might have started when the Golden Diva had originally attacked her kingdom and trapped her in the events of Wario Land 4, which seemed to have left a scar on her life. Later, however, Mario and his friends cheer her up and she begins to loosen up a bit.



  • Princess Shokora's teenage/young form seems to be the most popular form among fans, as shown by the fact that this form is used in most of the games she appears in as well as in fan art.