Princess Sakura

Princess Sakura

I'm not a princess, so you don't have to keep treating me like a damsel in distress.
Princess Sakura

Princess Sakura or Jessie (as she states to be her real name) is the supposed princess of Sulena. She is a good friend of Princess Daisy and is set to appear in the upcoming RPG game Mario and Luigi Tales of Sulena , where she is the heroine/damsel in distress, as later in the game she is abducted by Tatanga


Sakura is a rather cold and distant person and can be classed as a tomboy. She is very independent and refuses the title of princess of Sulena, as she states she was forced out of her original home and forced to live in the palace of Sulena. She shows great resentment 

Hometown Natus
Class Princess
Relatives King Natsu

towards her adopted father going as far as to continue to wear her old school uniform.

Sakura though cold has a soft spot for Daisy, Luigi and Prince Darice (it is rumoured she has feelings for him.)


Mario and Luigi Tales of Sulena

Princess Sakura is set to appear in the game as a heroine (in the beginning) and a damsel (at the end).

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