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Princess Racourtney
Princess Racourtney with handkerchief
Full Name Princess Racourtney
Current Age 23
Date of Birth August 29
Gender Female
Location Tanooki Kingdom
Current Status Alive
Class Helper hero
Mushroom Kingdom, Sarasaland
Main Weapon(s) Tanooki tail
Ability/ies Fly, tail attack, statue transform
Vulnerable To Fire
The Raccoon Princess
First Appearance Super Mario: The Cosmic Wrath

Princess Racourtney is the princess of the Tanooki Kingdom, where the Tanooki Toads live. It is said that her antecesors grew the Super Leaf tree that stays in the Mushroom Kingdom up to these days. She was also born with a Tanooki tail.


Princess Racourtney is a nature lover and always cares for her kingdom. Given her status, she's very close to the princesses Peach and Daisy.


Racourtney can use her tanooki tail as much as Mario can do in his Tanooki form. This means she can swing her tail to attack or fly. She also knows a bit of nature-typed magic but this makes her weak to fire. In addition, she can also turn into a statue without the need of a Statue Leaf.


Racourtney is a human with tanooki genetics. She has tan skin like most mario characters, she has short curly green hair and green eyes. She wears lavender make-up and lavender lipstick. She wears a golden crown with green and yellow gems. She wears a yellow handkerchief to match her yellow brooch and gems. She also wears brown fingerless gloves

Main dress

Racourtney wears a brown dress (Similar to Peach's Tanooki form) and a brown tiara with raccoon ears. Her gloves are dark brown and fingerless. Her dress has a leaf-shaped emerald but doesn't wear earrings.

Main sports outfit

Racourtney uses this outfit for sport games. It consists of a brown tennis dress with black patterns on the sides. She additionally wears a pair of brown-ish black leggings, white shoes with brown soles and sweatbands on her wrists that resemble her Tanooki tail's stripes.

Biker suit

For Mario Kart tournaments, she wears a white suit with brown vertical lines going down Racourtney's arms and legs. Her accessories include a brown scarf, a brown belt with a white buckle and brown boots and gloves. Along with that accompanies her traditional jewelry. There is also a heart-shaped pattern on her back.

Striker uniform

For soccer matches, she wears a 2-piece soccer outfit which consists of a brown midriff-baring crop top and brown shorts, both with dark green accents, as well as brown and dark green cleats. Her player number is 33.

Gymnast swimsuit

Racourtney wears this outfit for summer-themed games and to participate in gymnastic and swimming events in the Olympic Games. Her outfit consists of a brown leotard with dark brown stripes on the sides, and like her other outfits includes her broach, crown and collar. Racourtney is barefoot while wearing this outfit.

Winter clothing

Racourtney wears this outfit for wintery days and when she participates in the Olympic Winter Games and/or other sport events that this outfit fits with. The outfit's contents include white winter gloves and boots with brown lace. The outfit itself includes long dark brown sleeves and pants with a white line accenting each limb. Additionally, the core of the outfit is designed like a brown mini-dress with one white ring at the bottom. Racourtney's winter outfit still includes her standard jewelry including crown.

Game appearences

Super Mario: The Cosmic Wrath

Racourtney appears in Super Mario: The Cosmic Wrath, as she helps Mario and the rest of the party in Giant Land.



  • Her date of birth is August 29, the European release date of Super Mario Bros. 3.
    • However, the game was released in 1991, while Racourtney is currently 23 years old.