Princess Priceless is a recurring character in the Skip and Sqak Series. She is a rich spoiled valkyrie who has a crush on Skip, but he loves Cynder. Unlike other valkyries, Priceless's skin is dark brown while others is white-grey.

In Skip and Sqak XD, she is now "Queen Priceless" now that she is the queen of Xoon.


  • Skip In The Middle: Priceless first appeared in this episode. She was the new girl at school who fell madly in love with Skip, but Cynder was who he really loved. Priceless tried to be a better girlfriend to Skip by helping the SSFF fight Red Ants but thanks to her they miserably failed, to the other's dismay. Priceless is angered that Cynder for loving Skip, and she decides to kill her in a fight. Cynder wins the fight and Priceless is locked in the detention centre.
  • She continues to appear in other episodes, either cameo or antagonist.

Back In Action

Priceless made a retrun in Back In Action, where she pays the gang lots of coins if they locate her lost treasures. After the credits, she was seen stealing the gang's rocket with her other friends and blast off to Xoon, hinting she and the others are up to no good.


Princess Priceless is one of the Main Antagonists of Rangers, where she wants to get revenge on Skip for not loving her and decides to destroy the SSFF.