Princess Phoebe Huǒ
Princess Phoebe 3D
Full Name Princess Phoebe Huǒ
Current Age 15
Gender Female
Species Human

Phoenix (Fire Form)

Location RanQing
Current Status Alive
Class Princess
Main Weapon(s) Pyrokinesis
Vulnerable To Water
Nationality RanQinese
Ethnicity Asian
Voice Actor(s)
Lucy Liu

Princess Phoebe Huǒ is the Princess of the RanQing Kingdom and a good friend of Mario and his friends. She first appears in Mario Sports Arena 2015 as a partner for Princess Amena, she is unlocked after clearing the Ruby Tournament with either Amena or Toadette.


Phoebe is a short, slender, Chinese woman, with long black hair in a ponytail, thrown over her shoulder and with bowl cut bangs. She wears a red and orange, traditional Chinese princess dress, and has a Fire Flower in her hair. Her eyes are deep brown and large and she wears pink lipstick.


Phoebe is quick to anger and often yells at people over little things, she usually apologizes immediately after, as she doesn't like hurting peoples feelings. Despite her firey temper, Phoebe is actually very polite and usually a quiet person.



  • She has Pyrokinesis, the ability to control fire at will.
  • She is called Phoebe after the Phoenix, a creature born from ashes, fitting in with her fire based attacks and abilities.
    • She is also shown to be able to transform into a Phoenix when under extreme pressure or when infuriated, much like Princess Octavia, who can transform into a Cecaelia (half octopus, half human).
  • Her last name Huǒ is the Chinese word for Fire.