Princess Peach to the Rescue is a chronicles series about Peach going on a rescue. The story is centered around Princess Peach and her adventure.


The story starts with Peach in her castle preparing for a party. He has a bad feeling something is going to occur. When the party begins she notices many abstinences of her friends. She investigates only to find a very intriguing letter telling the Princess that they plan to destroy everything Princess Peach loves and that there's no way to stop them. Princess Peach sets out to find out about this new enemy and to defeat it. On her way she meets allies and enemies. And with her help and disadvantages it's up to the Princess to save the day!


Character Info about them
256px-Peach - Mario Party 10 Princess Peach is the main character in this series. She is the main protagonist for a portion of this story. During the story when she meets certain allies she can power up changing a bit of her appearance. Her goal is to rescue her friends and live peacefully. She holds the Golden Jem first found in act 1.
Daisy MP10 Princess Daisy is a main protagonist in this story. She joins the adventure after she saves Princess Peach from a monster while Princess Peach was trapped in a web. Around the time she is introduced, sheaqquires element powers. She is a strong ally. Her goal is to save her friends and help Peach. She holds the Orange Jem.
423px-Toadette - Mario Party 10 Toadette is a sidekick character in this story. She appears at the start helping Peach prepare for the party. She is instructed to stay behind while Peach is on this adventure but she comes in the adventure shortly after Peach and Daisy fight off a Boss. She can heal her allies and has powers related to music. Her goal is to help Peach and be a hero. She holds the Pink Jem.
308px-Toad - Mario Party 10 Toad appears as a helper in this story. He along with the other toads communicate with Peach via a communicator. He can give advice and assist during battles. When he assists his power is attacking and shielding. He along with Toadette and the other Toads were instructed to stay behind for safety reasons. He does not posses a jem.
365px-Rosalina - Mario Party 10 Rosalina is a Space Goddess who appears when Peach and her allies get launched into space. She guides them through space and joins them in the rest of the story. Her power is of stars. She is very powerful and uses intelligence to help the others. Her goal is to guide the stars and help her friends. She holds the Blue Jem.

312px-Birdo MP9

Birdo appears late in the story helping Peach and the others fight off monsters. She agrees to join them and her attack method is shooting eggs. She has a good eye for spotting items and some knowledge. Her goal is to find Yoshi and help the others. She holds the Purple Jem.

When will it be released!?

I'm currently planning a fan fiction release of this story. I will be releasing acts aka chapters a lot. I will announce here when I launch the story on fanfiction. Shortly after I might release a comic series to go along with this. I don't have official dates on either yet but they're coming! More character bios will be added along with more story told. For now enjoy!


Act names

Act 1 Princess Peach's beginning

Act 2 Cepopo's Story

Act 3 Enter Daisy

Act 4 Corrupted Civilians

Act 5 Unexpected help

Act 6 Toadette joins in

Act 7 Fighting together as one

Act 8 Launched into Space

Act 9 Fighting Space Monsters

Act 10 The Space Goddess

Act 11 The Real Back story

Act 12 Back to Earth

Act 13 The catastrophe

Act 14 Birdo the scavenger Dinosaur

Act 15 True Power is combined

Act 16 The Battle

Act 17 Fighting till death

Act 18 It's up to our hearts

Act 19 Resurrection and Rescue

Act 20 Piece and Happiness