Princess Peach (Supernova)
Universe Super Mario
Availability Starter
Princess Peach returns once more for the Super Smash Bros. Series in Super Smash Bros. Supernova. Her moveset is close to that of her own in Brawl, but with some balancing and changes here and there. She is a tall character, but somewhat fast in both mobility and attacking.


Ground Attacks


  • Neutral Attack- Double Slap
  • Forward Tilt- 180 Degree High-Kick
  • Backward Tilt- Spin Kick
  • Up Tilt- Heart Cloud
  • Down Tilt- Hand Sweep
  • Dash Attack- Dual Strike


  • Side Smash- Frying Pan/Golf Club/Tennis Racket Bash
  • Up Smash- Arm Raised Twirl
  • Down Smash- Sawblade Dress

Special Moves


Pummel & Throws

  • Pummel- Shin Kick
  • Forward Throw- Forward Slap
  • Backward Throw- Backward Roll before releasing
  • Up Throw- Upward Volley
  • Down Throw- Slam

Idle & Taunts

  • Idle Animation- Sways back and forth, looks around curiously
  • Taunt 1- Sings and dances tauntingly
  • Taunt 2- Spins, pulls out Perry, says "Sweet!"
  • Taunt 3- Spins around, winks, points, says "Uh-huh!"
  • Taunt 4- Swings Perry around, giggles


  • Ledge Attack- Lunges hip-first
  • Face-Up Floor Attack- Swirls around
  • Face-Down Floor Attack- Swirls around the other way
  • Sitting Floor Attack- Quickly stands and spins dress like a blade

Arial Attacks

  • Neutral Arial- Arm-Extended Spin
  • Forward Arial- Crown Strike
  • Backward Arial- Hip Swing
  • Up Arial- Upward Kick
  • Down Arial- Four Downwad Kicks


  • Basic Peach- Wears a dress, long gloves, and a crow; has her own hair style
    • Default- Pink dress, white gloves, golden crown with red and blue gems
    • Daisy- Orange dress, short white gloves, brown hair, light yellow crown with blue and red gems
    • Green- Green dress, light blue gloves, faint blonde hair, white crown with dark blue and green gems
  • Rosalina Costume- Wears a long, monochromotic dress with trimming; Rosalina's hair style
    • Default- Pale turquoise dress, silvery-blonde hair, silver crown with red and blue gems
    • Abstract- Red dress, dark blonde hair, bronze crown with green and orange gems
    • Cosmic- Entirely dark blue with stars scattered here and there
  • Sports Oufit- Wears a sleeveless shirt, with a central gem, and shorts; hair in a poneytail
    • Normal- Pink shirt and shorts, golden crown with red and blue gems
    • Daisy- Golden shirt, orange shorts, brown hair, orange crown with blue and red gems
    • Rosalina- Pale turquoise shirt, golden gem, turquoise shorts, pale blonde hair, silver crown