Princess Peach Artwork - Super Mario 3D World
Princess Peach is a major character in the game Shadows of the Forsaken. She rules over the Mushroom Kingdom, and has since become the leader of the Resistence. The Avatar first meets her when accompanying Mario to the castle. She only gives out a few Quests, most of which are part of the Main Story.



Princess Peach is a very tall woman, almost always wearing her kingdom's crown; the crown is golden, small, and has two blue gems with a centered red gem. She wears a long, pink dress, unless she is used in battle, in which case she wears her sports uniform. She has long yellow hair, which is also tied into a ponytail in battle.


Princess Peach makes her living in the Mushroom Kingdom, ruling over it and constantly being kidnapped by Bowser; when this occurs, she is usually powerless to do anything, while Mario and Luigi come to her rescue, traveling from one end fo the Kingdom to the other. When not being kidnapped or being held hostage, she is usually baking a cake, talking with the Mario Bros., or attending parties and ports events.

In-Game Information


Peach's partner can be invited to the party once The Rampage of Dark Peach has been completed.

Level Weapons Equipment Attacks
1 Unarmed Gold Crown Crown Slash (Unarmed)
Pink Dress
Long Gloves Dual Slap (Unarmed)
Red Heels
17 Vegetable --- Turnip Hurl (Vegetable)
20 Frying Pan --- Stitchface (Vegetable)
Hip Slam (Unarmed)
Smack (Frying Pan)
25 --- --- Wallop (Frying Pan)


In the game, she plays a major role, leading the movement which the Avatar joins after meeting Mario. She doesn't give out many Quests, but those that she does usually revolve around the Main Story. She requires the Player to talk to the Toad Brigade before giving them her own quest to gain Bowser's help.

Princess Peach will grant the player three different quests, only the third of which is not related to the main story. The first quest she offers, Practice with the Toad Brigade, requires that the Avatar learn the basics of the game by taking on 5 tutorial quests from the Toad Brigade; she then follows up with Convincing Bowser, in which she tasks the player with convincing Bowser not to kidnap her in the light of their current situation. After reaching level 15, she offers the The Rampage of Dark Peach, and asks the player to discover why the Toad Guards are vanishing one by one.

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