Princess Peach (SSBD)
Crown Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom
Full Name Princess Peach Toadstool
Current Age 37
Gender Female
Location Princess Peach's Castle, Toad Town
Current Status Alive
Class Player Character
Mushroom Kingdom (ruler), Super Smash Bros.
Family and Relations
King Toadstool (father, deceased), Queen Toadstool (mother, deceased), Toadsworth (foster father), King Bowser Koopa (husband, disputed), Nurse Peach Toadstool (dimensional counterpart), other disputed relations by marriage (see Bowser)
First Appearance Super Mario Bros. (canon), Super Mario Bros.: Year One (SSBD)
Latest Appearance Super Smash Bros.: Doomsday

Princess Peach Toadstool is the current monarch of the Mushroom Kingdom. Although peaceful and caring by nature, Peach has suffered much strife over the years from conquerors who have set their sights on her domain.

This vicious cycle started with a major blow when the King of the Koopas, Bowser, launched a massive invasion of the Mushroom Kingdom. Within days, Peach's father and mother were killed by the invading forces, Peach herself was taken captive, and Bowser took over the entire nation. To this day, the traumatized Peach refuses to adopt the title of Queen.

Just when all hope seemed to be lost, help came from an unexpected source: the Mario Bros., two ordinary plumbers who had ventured through an interdimensional portal from neighboring Earth dimension. Although they had very little previous combat experience, Mario and Luigi had a bold nature that allowed them to quickly pick up on the weapons and fighting tactics of the Mushroom Kingdom. The battle was long and difficult, but the Mario Bros. succeeded in defeating Bowser, rescuing Peach, and liberating the Kingdom.

Forever in gratitude to the Mario Bros., Peach arranged for them to build new lives in her kingdom after they found they could not return home. After several other battles and victories, Peach appointed the brothers as the official defenders of the Mushroom Kingdom, and frequently calls upon their aid in times of crisis. She also came to look upon Mario with affection, and they have had a long relationship together.

Although she prefers a diplomatic solution to most problems, Peach has taken a hands-on approach when she deems it necessary, and has on occasion lowered herself to field work, including sometimes accompanying Mario and Luigi on missions. Although she is reluctant to leave her Kingdom behind, Peach has accepted her role as one of Master and Crazy Hand's champions in the battle against the Acts of Vengeance.


Princess Peach, contrary to her appearance, is not a helpless, ditzy Princess. Her Kingdom is often threatened by invaders, and she has had to learn to take care of herself the hard way. Because she is often taken captive, she has trained herself in espionage, sabotage, and other subversive skills, as well as self-defense. Many would-be conquerors who think they have Peach safely locked up have found their armies more accident-prone than before they captured her. In fact, some have said that she is better at taking on enemies than her entire Castle Guard combined.

Peach is an exceptional diplomat, and is a kind, caring individual. Despite her status as a ruler, she is not above taking matters into her own hands.

Peach often carries an ornate parasol which is strong enough to be used as a bludgeoning weapon, and light enough to be used as a make-shift parachute.

Battle Moves

Vegetable Toss (defautl): Peach pulls a turnip out of the ground and hurls it at a targeted enemy. There is a 50% chance that she will pull out a giant turnip, which deals damage to both the targeted enemy and any adjacent enemies.

Princess Blessing (learned at level 10): Peach summons a large heart which splits and heals all allies for 50% of their health. If an ally has been knocked out, the heart will revive them, but will not heal any other allies.

Parasol Stab (learned at level 30): Peach strikes a ground based enemy with the point of her parasol. There is a 20% chance that the parasol will open on impact, striking adjacent enemies.

Peach Bomber (learned at level 50): Peach rams a single ground based enemy with her backside, causing an explosion that deals massive damage to them. There is a 10% chance that sleep dust will burst out in the explosion, putting the enemy to sleep for five turns.

Smash Move

Royal Escort: Peach calls on an army of Toad Royal Guards to assist her. The Royal Guards will use spears to attack any enemies who try to attack Peach with melee attacks, and serve as a temporary ally, lasting ten turns before retreating or until they are knocked out.

Smash Move Theme

Smash Move Theme


Character Selected

"Ready to move out!"

"For the Kingdom!"

"Those worlds need us!"

"No more sitting around!"

Entering Battle

"Underestimate me at your own peril!"

"Time to get rough!"

"So much violence..."

"You had your chance for peace!"

Healing Ally

"Another victim of war..."

"I'm here for you."

"Let me tend your wounds."

"Doom has to be stopped before any more are hurt!"

Smash Move

"Come, army of the Kingdom!"

Low Health

"I can't stand much longer!"

"Your princess is in danger!"

"I need help, now!"

"Help me, please!"

Battle Lost

"I can't take anymore of this..."

"We have no choice. We must fall back!"

"How much longer must this suffering continue?"

"I overestimated myself..."

Battle Won

"Hope still remains..."

"This isn't the work of a monarch. It's the work of a tyrant!"

"Peace reigns once again."

"As long as I stand, so too shall the Mushroom Kingdom!"

Alternate Costumes

Princess Daisy: Brown hair, yellow and orange dress, white and blue daisy brooch and earrings

Sports Peach: Short-sleeved pink shirt, pink shorts, pink shoes with white socks, blue brooch and earrings

Shadow Peach: Dark gold crown, black eyes, red brooch and earrings, purple dress and cape