Princess Orchard is the princess of the Ghost Kingdom.
Princess orchard

She is going to be appearing in an upcoming game created by Zilliez Games, who's title is not known yet.


Princess Orchard is a pale skinned, blue eyed ,round faced girl with fair black hair and chocolate brown coloured eyebrows. Her hair holds a violet coloured rose, while placed on the top of her head is a crown made of candy corn. A petal-like design is imprinted under her right eye.

She wears a midnight purple coloured gown with black swirls on it, alon with a bat-liked gem on her chest.

She is often seen with an umbrella that resembles a jack-o'-lantern.


Unlike the other princess of the Mario series, Princess Orchard is somewhat an outcast and likes to be alone. She looks at life rather sourly. She can be seen as rather rude and as not well-liked. She is not really shown to have any friends or family. She lables herself as an outcast. Princess Orchard sometimes shows her envious feelings towards Princess Peach, since she is so well-liked and popular, but often denies it. Princess Orchard has no love interests.


  • Orchard was originally going to be called Princess Violet but was changed due to her looking quite similar to Violet Nightshade.
  • Another name given to Princess Orchard during development was "Orchid", but was changed for unknown reasons.
  • The creator had an idea of a game of an anti-hero princess based on her jelously of Princess Peach, which was originally Princess Violet's concept but was scrapped for unknown reasons.
  • Her design was drawn by Slothydoll.

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