Princess Octavia
Princess octavia
Octavia's 3D appearance.
Full Name Princess Octavia Pearl Nami
Current Age 20-25
Gender Female
Species Human
Location Sapphire Islands
Current Status alive
Class Princess
Family and Relations


Princess Peach-close friend; ally

Princess Daisy-friend; ally, hinted crush

Rosalina-best friend

Ability/ies able to communicate with aquatic life

Transform into a Cecaelia at will.

Nationality Sapphiric
Ethnicity African-American


Sea Queen

Voice Actor(s)
Princess Octavia Pearl Nami (タココ-姫, Takoko-Hime) is the Princess of the Sapphire Islands who first appears in the SNES game Super Mario Adventures: Sapphire Islands where she is held hostage by Bowser who wants to take over the world using her Marine Pearl. Octavia is sometimes called the Sea Queen.


Character Description

Octavia is a human with a condition known as Alexandria's
Princess octavia

Princess Octavia sports outfit

Genisis, giving her purple eyes. She has dark brown hair. She is portrayed to be a capable character, but excels in technique level over other characters in most ac
Octavia and Pauline

octavia's appearance in the new Mario Golf:Wii U game.


Octavia has a tall height in terms of other characters. She is taller than characters like Peach and Daisy, but she is shorter than characters such as Rosalina. Octavia has a similar body type to Rosalina's, but her waist is more elongated, and her frame is more taller but slightly curvy. Octavia's skin is darker than the other Princesses as she is african-american. She has a pert, pointed, sharp nose with a curved stem. Octavia is commonly depicted with apuffy smile, and she has round, light brown lips. Her eyebrows are a dark shade brown and they're thin as well as long, but are hidden by her bangs. She has very oval, deep-set purple eyes. They are slightly smaller than Peach's, but are still large. . Octavia's face is describable as oval, soft and pointed.

She has a very thick, flowing, long hairstyle. Her hair consists a long bang that curls over the side of her face (like rosalina) however both of her eyes are exposed. Octavia also has long breast-length hair that has ends that flips upwards (Like daisy's). Octavia's hairstyle also has short, split, ear-tails that shape her face.

Octavia's hair is best described as dark brown (nearly black). She sometimes wears her hair tied up in a bun during sports installments.  Octavia is the 3rd princess who ties her hair up; behind Peach and Rosalina. However she is the first to tie her hair upwards instead of downwards

Octavia wears a deep emerald-colored tiered floorlength gown with a entending cape attached the back (although the cape is ommitted in most games). She wears a pearl necklace and pearl jewels that adorn the gown, her crown also features a pearl in the center and back and also two emeralds on the side. She also wears elbow-length light green gloves


Octavia usually wears a floor-length deal green gown with white evening gloves beyond elbow-length. Octavia's gown has puffy sleeves (smaller than peach's) and cuts off at her cleevage. At Octavia's waist are two deep green panniers, used to accent the gown's frame. Octavia also wears a magenta brooch and matching magenta high heels. Included in the set is a pair of round magenta earrings. Octavia's crown is orange with four jewels: two magenta jewels and two sapphires. She also wears a white petticoat under her gown, though this is omitted in some games.


Octavia is known for her calm and collective personality. She often portrays a very benevolent and kind spirit, and always puts others before herself. She is also knows to be just and fair, as she is the main judge of the sapphire islands court system.She is also known to be very motherly and protective of her people, and will sacrifice herself to save her kingdom if needed.This persona does not stop her from being competitive during sports and racing activites. Octavia does have a fierce streak, and she can become enraged if someone tries to take over her kingdom or hurt her friends. She was seen snapping in some games such as in Paper Mario and the Legend of the Seven Sages.

Game Appearances

Super Mario Adventures: Sapphire Islands

Octavia is held hostage by Bowser who want to use her Marine Pearl to flood the Mushroom Kingdom and then the rest of the world.

Mario Sports Arena 64

After and absence from games Octavia re-appeared due to a lack of female characters. Octavia is unlocked when you come first in the swimming event for the Sapphire Cup.

Paper Mario and the Legend of the Seven Sages

Octavia is a supporting character who gives the player the ability to throw origami water balloons at opponents to turn them into paper maché.

Mario Party Eclipse

Octavia is an unlockable playable character and the partner for Rosalina. Octavia is unlocked after defeating Gooper Blooper on the Sapphire Islands board.



  • Octavia had many beta names before her name was finalised, such as; Alexandria, Oceana, Cecilia, Vortexa, Mathilde,Tanzanite, Naomi, Marina, Pearl and Griselda.
    • Pearl instead became her middle name.
  • Her Japanese name Takoko is a rough translation of the name Octavia, as Tako is the Japanese word for Octopus.
  • Her last name Nami is the Japanese word for Wave.
  • She is the only Mario character with an English accent.
  • Her name Octavia is a reference to the Octopus, an aquatic sea creature.
  • Octavia is a lesbian, and is hinted to have a mild crush on Rosalina, despite the fact that Rosalina is (most likely) straight.
  • Some consider Octavia the aquatic counterpart of Princess Peach
  • It is revealed that Octavia knew Rosalina from childhood, and Rosalina visited her on Mushroom World during her celestial stop.
  • Octavia is the first african-american in Mario History.
  • Octavia was born with Alexandria's Genisis.
  • Octavia has the ability to turn into a Cecaelia at will, a type of human-octopus hybrid.