Princess Mimi
Princess Mimi 2D
Mimi in Super Mario Land 6: Reigonal Explorers
Full Name Princess Mimi
Current Age 19
Date of Birth November 6th, 1993
Gender Female
Species Human
Location Sky High
Current Status Alive
Class Princess
Ability/ies Can Fly
First Appearance Super Mario Land 6: Reigonal Explorers
Latest Appearance Air Head
Ouch, a wall! where did that come from?
Princess Mimi in Super Mario Land 6 Regional Explorers

Princess Mimi is a rather stupid and absent minded Princess and ruler of the Sky High. She has a younger sister called Treble Clef (Ruler of Boom Box Peak).


Mimi is very abdent minded and clumsy. She loves the colour blue and she also likes to race.


Mimi has light brown hair that she ties to one side with a baby blue hair boble. Mimi has blue eyes and wears a dress similar to Princess Peach's but in blue. Mimi has some freckles and angel wings.

Game Appearances

Super Mario Land 6: Reigonal Explorers

Mimi is an unlockable character, to unlock her you must save her from Ellen D. Koopa.

Air Head

Mimi gets her own series in a game called Air Head, she is the main character of the game and series.



  • She is based upon SuperToadMan56's older sister Mimi.
  • Mimi has been shown to posses Angel Wings.