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Princess Luna, Super Solar Adventure

Princess Luna
Full Name Princess Luna
Date of Birth August 15
Gender Female
Species Human
Location Solar Kingdom
Current Status Alive
Class Supporting Character
Mushroom Kingdom, Sarasaland, the Comet Observatory (and residents)
Family and Relations
Princess Sol (Sister)
Main Weapon(s) Moon Rod
Ability/ies Able to use Water, Moon, and Star powers, can float, uses her Moon Rod
Vulnerable To Flames
Solar Princess, Moon Princess

Princess Luna is the ruler of the Solar Kingdom and younger sister of Princess Sol. She is the intelligent sister who likes to help others. She is very kind, and always is there for people. Her main weapon to defend the Solar Kingdom is her Moon Rod.


Game Appearances

Galactic Debut

In Super Rosalina Galaxy 2, Luna and Sol are captured by Bowser and taken to the galaxies. Both are separated from each other, and their usual powers do not work. Rosalina hears of the trouble and goes on an adventure to save them. Princess Luna is stuck in the Lava Lands, hung over a deadly lava pit. After being rescued, she joins Rosalina to find and rescue Sol.

Luna is a character who can jump high and get through tough places, but cannot run fast, and takes longer to stop. She also has many disadvantages with fire. She often uses water and power from the moon.

Captured Once More

This time, in New Super Mario Bros. 8, Tatanga invades the Mushroom Kingdom while Daisy, Luna, and Sol were visiting. The girls, along with Peach, are captured and taken to Daisy's Castle in Sarasaland. Mario, Luigi, and Toad go out to rescue them once more. Princess Luna is kept in the fire world, or World 6. When the player meets up with her, huge flames surround the cage, and the boss appears. After being rescued, Luna is taken back to the Solar Kingdom, and rewards the Mario Bros. with many items.

The "Star" of the Show

Luna returns along with Sol to become a main character in Super Solar Adventure. Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Toad, and Toadette were stolen by Bowser's minions and taken to different planets. Bowser also steals Rosalina's Power Stars. Rosalina goes to find someone to help and spots Sol and Luna. She takes them to space and tells them they are their last hope. Sol and Luna work together to go to the planets and save everyone.

Luna controls well, and returns with her abilities. Her speed becomes a little faster, and her time to stop becomes longer. Players receive a challenge with this. She also uses her Moon Rod for the first time.

Sports Superstar

Luna makes her spin-off appearance in Mario Sports Mix Ultra. She is a Technical character who has great power and technique, but is very slow. She is the owner of Moon City. Luna's special move has her jump into the air and wave her Moon Rod around in a crescent moon shape. Stars rain from the sky, stunning the opponents, and allowing Luna to shoot the ball.

Other Appearances

Physical Appearance

Luna's dress is similar to Rosalina's. Her star is replaced with a crescent moon, and the bottom of her dress is like Peach and Daisy's, but only has two and is straight. Her dress is blue with yellow for the moon and teal for the accessories. Her hair is a long yellow and goes past shoulder length. Luna also has yellow crescent moon earrings. Her crown is different from the rest, starting, curving up, then down, then up, then down and ending. Her jewels are silver moons on the side, and a yellow crescent moon in the middle. The crown color is blue. Luna's eye color is green.


Luna is a kind girl who is very intelligent. She likes to be around Princess Peach and Rosalina because of how they act. She is friends with most of the Mario girls, but spends most of her time with her sister, doing things for her royal life, and reading. She likes flowers, gemstones, and especially the Solar System. She enjoys studying it. Luna also sometimes can play hard. She isn't just a kind, dainty princess, when she is up for a challenge, she will do anything it takes to accomplish it.


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Mario Sports Mix Ultra

Character Name Character Type Home Court Power Statistic Speed Statistic Technique Statistic Character Selection Text

Princess Luna/Luna

Technical Moon City 4/5 2/5 5/5

"Luna is the princess of the Solar Kingdom. She is powerful and has a great amount of technique, but is very slow. Though her first time, she won't be as easy as you thought...."


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I can't believe this! How can I ever repay you?
Princess Luna, Super Rosalina Galaxy 2

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Princess Luna, Super Solar Adventure

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Princess Luna, Super Solar Adventure

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Princess Luna, Super Solar Adventure