Fire Princess Lumi

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Princess Lumi
Princess Lumi
Princess Lumi's official artwork.
Full Name Princess Lumi
(Princess of the High Skies)
Location Cloud Kingdom
Main Weapon(s) The Cloudy Staff

The Cloud Shields Pookies

Princess Lumi is the first Air Princess in all the Mario series and is the kind hearted princess of Cloud Kingdom. She is born in Cloud Kingdom and is living there her whole life long. She is also known as the protector of the clouds. She only appeared into the game, Super Mario and the Ludu Tree. She will help you through air levels in that game, and she will help you to defeat bowser! She is the second princess after Princess Rosalina who protected her kingdom with her powers. She can fly easily through the air, and doesn't walk much. Flying on her clouds around her, she is always very light, and will be very fast in the air. In Mario kart series she will be bounced away much earlier then Princess Peach. So choose your characters carefully!


Princess Lumi is very kind hearted and is always ready to help you when it's needed. She is never scared about things. She actually goes into the protect for her kingdom then anything else. She hates to fight people or enemies, but she doesn't lose much. In Cloud Kingdom she has got her own kingdom which is protected by her own created enemies, Pookies and Pookettes. They will always try to protect their kingdom and princess. Lumi has been born into the clouds, and always lived above. Lumi will help Mario on his way through the air lands and she will be able to give Mario (You as a player) some powerups, which helps him further through the levels. Lumi is almost made of air and clouds, so she can easily fly through high places in the skies. She has got a very light weight because of her clouds around her.

Game Appearances

Super Mario and the Ludu Tree

Princess Lumi is the second princess in the game, and will help Mario through air levels. She protected her kingdom with cloud'like enemies, called Pookies and Pookettes. They will attack you when you come to close to them or if you come to close to their isles. The Princess gets once attacked by Bowser, because his new castle was in the air, and Cloud Kingdom was in his way. Lumi protected her kingdom with all her powers and the whole kingdom dissapeared. Later in the game you'll meet her again and her kingdom will be restored. (Note: Lumi isn't playable in this game, but might be in other games).


Stay positive my lad. If you stay positive, everything will be much easier for you!
One of Princess Lumi's wise words

I'm ready to race!
One of the messages of Mario Kart series


Under this text you'll see some original and other made pictures of princess Lumi. The first pictures will show you her appearance in Super Mario and the Ludu Tree.