Princess Logica
Logica final
3D Logica by Rickster1
Full Name Princes Logica Toadstool
Current Age 15
Gender Female
Location Mushroom Kingdom
Current Status Alive
Family and Relations
Princess Peach (sister)
King Magnus (father)
Queen Melodia (mother)
First Appearance Super Mario Sunshine IV: Paint Peril
Latest Appearance Super Mario Sunshine IV: Paint Peril
You! You broke my heart, and now you will pay!
Logica, yelling at Mario in Super Mario Sunshine IV: Paint Peril

Princess Logica is the daughter of King George Toadstool and Queen Eleanor  and the younger sister of Princess Peach. However, she doesn't get along with Peach because she has a crush on Mario and she is jealous that her sister is next in line for the throne.


Logica was born several years after her older sister and since then Logica had had to live in the shadow of Peach.
Logica final

Logica's appearance in the new Mario Comic series

Peach however loved and adored Logica, but peach was given more attention then Logica. As a result of this Logica became very bitter and mean to everyone and she never had any "real" friends. Her "friends" were Tiara and Melody and they were only friends with her because of her royal status.


Logica bears a huge resemblance to her sister. She has light blonde hair, that she wears in loose waves and heart shaped bangs that shapes her head, similar to Peach. She wears a knee-length purple dress with deep indigo panniers that frame the dress. Logica also wears purple glasees. Logica has a brooch that is a blue color but changes shade as goes out and is set in silver. Logica's eyes are blue, like her family, but they are a darker shade of blue.  Logica usually doesn't where her tiara but when she does her tiara is gold with a large dark blue gem that matches her brooch and earrings similar to peach


Logica is very stuborn and is also very moody, Logica is stated to have "patience the size of a fly" and is bored really easily. Logica was also considered to be a bookworm and extremely nerdy as a shild, and it carried on through her teenager and adult years.  Logica is very bitter and can be considered a brat compared to Peach. However Logica does have a soft side, Logica was the first one to aid Mario when Peach was kidnapped by Bowser during Peach's birthday.

Game Aperances

Super Mario Sunshine IV: Paint Peril

Logica apears in this game and is one of the main vilians, Logica steals one of Prof E Gadd's inventions- the Bullet Blaster.

Mario Kart: Super Dash!

She appears as a playable character and partner to Princess Shokora in Mariokart: Super Dash Her special Item is the broken heart, which goes around the track and uses it's rough broken edges like teeth and eats the five racers in front of Logica.



  • 'Logica' means 'logic' in Latin.
  • Logica has psychic powers.
  • Logica can't swim but she hovers/flys instead.
  • She isn't in the Japanese version of SMSIVPP.