Princess Lilypad is a princess created by Pianoteen.
Princess Lilypad

Princess Lilypad.


Before Lilypad was going to be designed, the creator thought Lilypad was going to be blonde. Then, her hair was changed to a light brown.


Princess Lilypad was the first born of Queen Galaxina and King Solarius. She was supposed to be an only child, until Galaxina and Solarius had another child, Rosalina.

When she was around 7, Lilypad learned from Queen Galaxina the traits of being a polite princess. Many of her peers admired her manners and inspired her as a true princess.

At the age of 10, Galaxina told Lilypad that she was enough trusted to obtain a magical wand and reminded her that she could use it when there is a true emergency, or when it's necessary.

Physical Appearance

Standing at 5' 0", Lilypad has a light brown colored hair. She has white skin with deep blue and big eyes.

As of now, Princess Lilypad wears a dark metal tiara on the top of her head. Her dress is a dark blue color to cover her upper body and a lighter blue on her lower body. Also she has cut off long sleeves showing part of her arms.  Dark Blue heels complete her outfit.


Princess Lilypad is kind and caring for her subjects. Her manners are golden and has a beautiful singing voice. Lilypad offers the most help of the people in her galaxy kingdom and teaches her young sister on how to too. She is polite enough to act as a normal citizen of the galaxy of her castle around other people and blushes when they call her "Your Highness" or "Your Majesty" or "Your Honor" etc.



Princess Rosalina

Rosalina is Lilypad's younger sister. The two rule the galaxy together as their parents grow older and become weaker.

Princess Peach

Lilypad and Peach aren't the best of friends. They interact alot, but they would consider each other friends, like when the two once played a game of "Go Fish".


Lilypad is another person who Mario saves, but he usually saves Peach.


Luigi has a bit of a crush on Lilypad, but she is completely oblivious about it. Usually it's Luigi who saves Lilypad from Bowser or other things



Lilypad and Louis are good friends. They don't talk alot, unless he is with Peach.

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