Princess Layla
Layla & Moonling concept
Concept art of Princess Layla and a Moonling.
Full Name Layla
Current Age 22
Gender Female
Species Human
Location Moonlight Kingdom
Current Status Alive
Class Princess, Current ruler of the Moonlight Kingdom
Family and Relations
Unnamed parents (mother and father; missing/deceased)
Main Weapon(s) Katana Sword
Ability/ies Sword techniques, Magic Power.
First Appearance Super Mario: Moonlight Madness
Latest Appearance Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered
Princess Layla is the ruler of the Moonlight Kingdom, a realm that exists on the moon that shines down the Mushroom World and many other surrounding planets. She debuts in the upcoming game Super Mario: Moonlight Madness, choosing Mario and companion to be her helpers in her mission to defeat an evil entity from consuming the entire moon's light. Being the ruler of the Moonlight Kingdom, Layla's duty is to protect the moon and keep its shine towards the worlds during nighttime, and also take care of her followers, the Moonlings.



Layla was given birth in the Moonlight Kingdom by parents of unknown names. She was taken care with a lot of love and lived a peaceful life during her childhood. However, during her adolescence, a catastrophic attack was sent by an evil being and a war occurred. In order to stop this and protect their daughter, Layla's parents took their sacred swords, united magic forces and slashed the beast in half, ultimately defeating it. However, after many tragic events and all the disaster was finally halted, Layla's parents vanished to never return. Assuming that her parents sacrificed themselves, the Moonlings crowned the mourning princess their new ruler, as she promised to keep them under her wings and protect the kingdom from any harm.

Super Mario series

Super Mario: Moonlight Madness

After the moon and her kingdom is attacked by a strange being, Princess Layla and her Moonlings decide to look for the Mushroom World heroes and tell them that the moon is in trouble and so is the daytime in the Mushroom World and many other planets, as this being is stealing the power of the full moon's light by scattering its source of light, the Meteor Stars, and replacing it with a fake moon, covering the sun as well . Trusting them both as she has seen their heroic actions before, she gives Mario and co. the task of being her helpers in order to help restore the moon's power.

Mario Kart series

Mario Kart: Double Blast!!

Princess Layla makes her first playable appearance in a spin-off game in Mario Kart: Double Blast!!. She along with a Moonling appear as a DLC pair after buying all the DLC packs or buying them all at once with the All-in-One Pack. She is one of the lighter heavyweights like Rosalina or Waluigi and her signature kart body is the  "Silver Moon".

Paper Mario series

Paper Mario: The Ancient Book

Princess Layla is set to appear as a non-playable, supporting character in Paper Mario: The Ancient Book. Her exact role is currently unknown, but considering that the Lunaters are from the moon, she might be aiding Mario and co. and help them discover the Lunatic Empire's location.

Other appearances

Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered

Princess Layla appears as an Assist Pearl in the game. Her ability after being summoned is sending down a fake moon onto the stage that strikes opponents with high force.

General Information


Princess Layla is a tall character, almost as tall as Rosalina. She has green eyes and a pale skin. She has a long, black smooth hair with a fringe on her forehead. Layla wears her hair tied up in a long ponytail adjusted by her silver crown which has a sapphire jewel on it.

Unlike the other princesses in the Super Mario series, Layla has a more japanese-like design clothing-wise. She wears a floor-length light yellow kimono dress adjusted by light pink panniers with white borders as well as roundish white borders at the hem. She has a sapphire brooch with a half-moon-like silver border over her chest. She wears long white socks and brown japanese sandals and always carries her katana sword with her on her waist.


Princess Layla is a very serious, loving and caring character but generally also very serious and confident. Layla cares deeply for her kingdom, the moon and the planets that it bring its light to during their nighttime. She also loves and cares a lot about her Moonling habitants. Often calm and short in words, Layla always tries to keep her emotions and thoughts to herself and always tries to be polite and elegant although most of the time she ends up looking timid or too introverted. In battle against the evil, however, she shows little to no mercy and becomes very aggressive. Overall, Layla is an extremely caring and kind woman to her close friends and family, earnest and very calm.

Powers and Abilities

Layla has shown to be a great swordfighter. She was taught by her parents before their disappearance, and she mastered it very well. Layla also possesses powerful magical abilities but never really uses them unless it's extremely necessary.