Princess Lana (The N Team)
Full Name Princess Lana
Gender Female
Species Human
Location Palace of Power
Current Status Alive
Class Princess of Videoland
The N Team
Family and Relations
King Charles (father)

Prince Lyle (brother) Pit (love interest)

Voice Actor(s)
Annie Potts
Series The N Team
Princess Lana is a main character of The N Team reboot. She becomes the ruler of Videoland after her father was banished to the Mirror World.

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Princess Lana is the daughter of King Charles, the previous ruler of Videoland. She and her brother Prince Lyle looked over the video worlds through the Palace of Power with their father.

Suddenly, The Forces of Chaos invade to take over the Palace of Power. They manage to kidnap Princess Lana, Prince Lyle, and King Charles and plan to imprison them in the Mirror World. Prince Lyle manages to escape but is unable to free his family. Princess Lana is eventually rescued by a young angel named Pit. She thanks him for saving her and gives him a kiss on the cheek. Unfortunately, they are unable to rescue King Charles and he becomes trapped in the Mirror World, much to her despair. She and Pit return to the Palace of Power and defeat the enemies at the palace with the help of Simon Belmont and Mega Man. After they take back the Palace of Power, they discover that someone from another world will come to Videoland and will become the hero of Videoland.

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Pit Edit

Throughout the series, Princess Lana develops an attraction towards Pit. It is seen that in the episode How the N Team Formed, Princess Lana was captured by Mother Brain's army and Pit rescued her. When she is rescued, she thanks Pit for saving her and kisses him on the cheek for his heroism. Throughout the series, Princess Lana develops romantic feelings for Pit as she is very affectionate towards him as she kisses him on the cheek several times. Although she is usually open with her affections, she is actually shy to tell him how she feels about him.

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