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Princess Konata Izumi
Full Name Konata Izumi
Current Age 16
Date of Birth 1983
Zodiac Sign Pig
Gender Female
Species Human
Location Kyoto, Japan
Nationality Japanese
Eye color Green
Hair color Blue; butt-length
Oh, Princess Konata, noble princess of Lucky Stars, I have erased Dr. Manhole and his mecha for good!
Susumu Hori, immediately after saving Konata from distress

Konata Izumi (プリンセス泉コナタ Purinsesu Izumi Konata) is the princess of the Lucky Star Kingdom in Magical Girl Team Lucky Star.


Konata smashbros

Konata as normal Lucky Star.

As normal Lucky Star, she wears red-pink Mortal Kombat battle attire. As Princess Konata, she wears a red gown with a yellow obi and cape; since her two favorite colors are red and yellow.

Role in the Driller TV anime and games

Magical Girl Team Lucky Star

After joining the Magical Girl Team Lucky Star, she is crowned princess of the kingdom and acknowledges them to save Japan and the world from terror.

Mr. Driller Ace: Dr. Manhole's Revenge

In the overall game, Konata is kidnapped by Dr. Manhole once again until Susumu notices he has to save her. After saving her, Susumu goes to battle Dr. Manhole and wishes him good luck.