Princess Kayla (full name: Kayla Viggenskin) is the princess of the country of Krayllion from the planet Artizz and of the main characters of the Paintverse franchise.


Princess Kayla looks like a normal Artizzian but is always seen wearing a pretty dynamic yet fancy dress with a shiny pink ribbon around her neck and a crown to display her royalty, however, she also always wears tough battle armour right below the dress in order to catch foes by surprise, similarly she also carries what looks like a very small metal bar with a box at the end strapped to the back of her armour, which, if unstrapped, extends it as the box opens up, revealing it to be a huge hammer which she uses as her main weapon.


Princess Kayla's personality is that of a kind and nice princess who cares a lot for her people, however, she can also be blunt and direct when she needs to be and knows when to make sacrifices for the better of her kingdom. Of course, this is on the outside, on the inside Kayla is what could be best described as...a time bomb, as soon as she turns mad she pretty much explodes in a destructive sea of rage, sometimes this can just be displayed in the form of yelling, and other times she can become a hulking titan of devastation, this is often used by her friends in order to bring out the best of her when fighting Demons.

Whenever battling, Kayla is shown as determined and ready at all cost for everything, as well as a person who enjoys the thrill of battling just like Pincelle, however, she knows better than to just jump in at the enemy directly and can think up of good plans in preparation for big battles.


Princess Kayla, as mentioned in her Design segment, wields a big hammer which she uses to fight, even though the hammer is quite heavy she manages to wield it very well and if she ever needs to be agile with it she can temporarily retract it into its smaller and lighter form.

Apart from her hammer, Kayla also has a special royal amulet that contains incredibly powerful royal magic which can be used to attack her foes or heal her allies, however she has trouble controlling this power and it drains some of her energy, so she only uses it in last resort situations.

One other technique in Kayla's possesion is her shiny pink ribbon, which after being modified by Prof. Sanster, can stretch out quite far, it is mostly used in order to get items from far places or as a grappling hook, but it is ocasionally used as a weapon by tripping up enemies or throwing them into hazards.


  • All main characters and most secondary characters in the series always call Kayla "Princess Kayla" specifically, no matter the situation, this started as a subconscious writing quirk from the author before it evolved into a running gag as a reference to the character "Princess Carolyn" from Bojack Horseman, who is constantly referred to in full name basis regardless of the situation (with one minor exception).

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