Princess Joan
The lovely yet nerdy princess...
Full Name Princess Joan
Current Age 32
Date of Birth November ??, 1980
Gender Female
Location Robitown
Current Status Alive
Poison Type Pokemon, Jen, Willy
Family and Relations
Peach, Daisy, Willy, Jen, Woofbot, Meowbot, Eggy
Ability/ies Toxic Powers
Vulnerable To Fire, Dragon
First Appearance New Super Mario bros Deluxe
Latest Appearance Super Smash Bros. Directors Cut

Princess Joan is a princess in the Mighty Willy Universe Series and commonly makes appearances in Mario games after this...


Super Smash Bros. Database

Regular smash: magic dance

left/right move: Radioactive Barf

up smash: Sleepy Toxic

Down Smash: Oil Spill

Final Smash: Toxic Waste