You slimy excuse for a Koopa Troopa! Give me back my kingdom!
Princess Jane to Bowser

Princess Jane
Full Name Princess Jane Koopa
Gender Female
Location Koopa Kingdom
Current Status Alive; Princess of Koopa Kingdom
Class Main Heroine
Koopa Kingdom
Family and Relations
Queen Joan Koopa (mother)
King Richard Koopa (father)
Main Weapon(s) Parasol

Koopa Shells

Vulnerable To Darkness
Princess Rose (disguise)
Princess Koopa
First Appearance Super Princess Deluxe

Princess Jane is the kind-hearted former princess of Koopa Kingdom, and her love is Luke, a Bob-omb who actually likes explosions. She is also great friends with Princess Star Cappella and is known for her warm-hearted hospitality. Jane was born the princess of the Koopa Kingdom, then Bowser took over and locked her family in a dungeon. She was under his control until she gained some confidence in herself via Star. She reclaims her kingdom in the end of Super Princess Deluxe, but due to her sweet nature, allows Bowser to be the head of the Koopa military. Jane actually adores Princess Peach, unlike Star.

Game Appearances

Super Princess Deluxe RPG

This is the game in which Jane is introduced. She starts out serving under Bowser by force, and later joins Star in defeating both Bowser and Cierra.