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Princess Fusee
Fusee, repairer of time.
Full Name Princess Fusee
Location Time Citadel
Class Time Princess
Main Weapon(s) Time manipulation

Fusee is a Time Princess introduced in Super Mario Maker Phi. She is one of many Time Princesses and represents the year 2016. She is a major character in the Chrono Mario Challenge, which puts Mario and friends through various levels in the past. She is also a unlockable character that appears after you defeat Themis in Chrono Mario Challenge, with the ability to reverse and fast forward her own personal time for limited spurts.


Fusee has green hair and green eyes and pale skin. She wears black gloves and earrings, with a green dress that has a red grid skirt on the lower half. She wears a black tie with her brooch on it. She wears black shoes. She has a black crown with green gems placed around it.


Fusee is rather quirky and treats time like a plaything even though she's supposed to carefully fix it. While she has never ruined time because of this, it does make Mario and the others somewhat anxious. She isn't proud of her somewhat small height and gets mad if people bring it up.

Powers and Abilities

Due to being a time princess, Fusee has the ability to reverse her own personal movement and "fast forward" it as well, but in limited bursts that are accompanied by cool-downs. This makes her some-what of a "sprint" character as she can be very fast one second and then incredibly slow in the next. She can use her reverse skills to dodge attacks or move back quickly.




  • Fusee's sprite was designed before her sketches were, to make sure that any design made was doable in sprite form.
  • She is the third female character in Super Mario Maker Phi, making the character count gender-wise equal.


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