Princess Elincia
Full Name Princess Elincia
Current Age  ???
Location Crimea
Class Princess of Crimea
Main Weapon(s) Swords

Princess Elincia is the princess of Crimea on the continent of Tellius. She is believed to be the only living member of the crimean royal blood until she finds out that she has a sister Sanaki.

During the first game she employs the Greil mercanearies and she does fight as the special Princess class she is mounted on a Pegasus and she can use swords and staves. She is generally considered a weak character. At the end of the game she is shown as being hesitant to take over the throne as she thinks that she will be a bad leader for the people however Ike encourages her to take the throne and she does and then returns in Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn.

She is slated to make a return in a very different format in the Wii platformer Nintendo Princesses in 2009.

Nintendo Princesses

Princess Elincia is one of the confirmed characters for the upcoming wii platformer Nintendo Princesses. In the latest trailer she was confirmed to be a playable character.

Super Nintendo Band!

Princess Elincia appears as a playable character in Super Nintendo Band! along with the other Nintendo Princesses Peach, Daisy, Rosalina, Ruto, Zelda and Midna.