Princess Eclair

Eclair slightly new

Princess Eclair in her dress


Princess of the Waffle Kingdom.
Gender Female
Location Waffle Kingdom
Mushroom Kingdom (Occasionally)
Class Princess
Ability/ies Various sweets-related attacks

Princess Eclair is the princess of the Waffle Kingdom. Her "debut appearance" was in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door as a mention-only character. Luigi tells Mario about how he went on a mission with his own partners to save her from the Chestnut King. In that game, Eclair's actual appearance was not shown, however. Her kingdom, the Waffle Kingdom, was never shown either. However, in the Super Mario Revival series, Sweet Sweet Canyon, an area that had originally appeared in Mario Kart 8, is stated to be a part of the Waffle Kingdom.


Powers and Abilities

Eclair has a few magic abilities related to sweets and desserts. For example, she can shoot blasts of sprinkles at her enemies and also can tempt them with the scent of treats and desserts.

Personality and Traits

Princess Eclair is sweet, which is quite ironic since she herself is named after a dessert. Eclair has a very similar personality to Peach: Bubbly, sweet, and kind, yet determined to fight and defend her people when they are in danger.

Eclair is shown to be very greatly skilled at baking desserts, and this is typical since she comes from the land of sweets, the Waffle Kingdom. She also has an interest in charms, bracelets, and anything cute.

Interactions with other Characters

Eclair and Luigi know each other very well due to Luigi originally saving her previously, during the events of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.

Eclair is also friends with other characters, such as Princess Peach and Princess Daisy, and Rosalina as well.

Although Eclair has a friendly relationship with Yoshi and Birdo, she gets a bit worried when they are around for parties because of their big apetites. She thinks that they will devour all of the food too fast, and not leave enough for anyone else. Still, however, they are all on good terms and her worriedness around them is usually depicted in a silly or comical manner.

Many of the other characters love Eclair's desserts and baked goods, and she often helps Peach out when baking for a party. One example of this is in the first episode of Super Mario Unite!, when Peach is preparing a grand party for everyone.

Physical Appearance

Princess Eclair's appearance is different in many of games she appears in. Her look depends on the creator of the specific game she appears in.

In one of her designs, Eclair is a light-skinned Caucasian woman, and has blonde hair that is worn in a bun and her hair has a unique lighting bolt-shaped front bang that drapes across her face. She bears a striking resemblance to Princess Peach. Her eyes are an amber color, and her lips are full and lavender. She wears a brown dress and a yellow pendant.

Eclair Peach Beach

Eclair's swimsuit.

However, in other titles, such as Super Mario Revival, Princess Eclair has a completely new look. The most notable difference is that she is not blonde or white/Caucasian. Instead she is black/African with curly brown hair tied in a pineapple ponytail. She wears white opal jewelry with a rainbow shine and nude lipstick. She wears a cream-colored tank top with a brown Peter Pan collar, and brown puffy shorts with cream-colored ribbons on the pockets. She wear brown high heels and cream-colored knee socks tied at the top with a brown ribbon.

She has wide, innocent-looking brown eyes, similar to Queen Merelda's.

Eclair's swimsuit is a modest one-piece bathing suit that covers her thighs as well as her shoulders. It is in the same vanilla color as her dress, and has brown ends on the arm sleeves and pant legs. It also had rainbow polka-dots on it.



  • In Super Mario Unite!, Eclair's dress is said to have been made very carefully and precisely by a Magikoopa with "a high sense of style", as said by Eclair. The dress is named named "Lux Vanillicious", and it is said to be worth about 1 million coins.
  • Eclair and Daisy are the two princesses in Super Mario Revival who wear tank tops and shorts, which mirrors the fact that Peach and Rosalina wear dresses.