Princess dr shroob
Princess dr
The princess of Dr. Shroobs
Full Name Princess dr shroob
Gender Female
Current Status Princess
Princess Shroob (best friend)
Mario (enemy)
Luigi (enemy)
Princess Peach (enemy)
Princess Daisy (enemy)
King Ken
Dr. Shroob (minion)
Elder Princess Dr. Shroob (sister)
First Appearance The Shroobs are back
Latest Appearance The ultimate crossover
alright I'm on your team
Princess dr shroob to King Ken

Princess Dr. Shroob is going to be a upcoming character in The Shroobs are back She will be one of the main antagonists. She and Princess Shroob will appear in Mario Kart 15 as unlockable characters. She will appear again in the ultimate crossover game.


She was a scientist to the Elder Princess Shroob. And Princess Dr. Shroob and Princess Shroob where best friends. The Elder princess shroob put princess Dr. Shroob in charge on the shroob planet. While princess shroob and her sister took over the past. Her father was king of the Dr Shroobs. Her mother was a scientist.


Princess Dr. Shroob has the same personality of Princess Shroob and Princess Daisy combined.

King Ken's Legend

Princess Dr. Shroob and her friend was in the mushroom cave and found a spirit named King Ken and she will be one of the antagonist of the movie.