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Princess Daisy and the Legend of the Sarasaland Scepters or PDLSS for short is a game published by Fantendo for the Nintendo Eclipse and will be released in summer 2015. It's a platformer game and is about Princess Daisy's return to Sarasaland and her adventures on retrieving the Sarasaland Scepters that Bowser, The Koopalings and Tatanga stole from the Festival of the Eastern Star.


Princess Daisy returns back to the distant land of Sarasaland to greet her fellow subjects and to celebrate the Festival of the Eastern Star with her  mother and father, she invites her old friends from The Mushroom Kingdom (Mario, Luigi, Peach, etc.) to celebrate with them. After all 31 Scepters are placed in circle with the Scepter of Purity in the middle the Festival is on and lasts for 31 Days but Bowser, Tatanga and his Koopalings come and steal 30 Scepters and Daisy's guests from the Castle and leave for 30 different places within the 8 States of Sarasaland and use the scepters for evil, to make matters worse Daisy only has 30 Days (31 Days technically but the first day is a tutorial) to retrieve the Scepters or the Eastern Star will destroy the Earth.



Image Name Description
PrincessDaisyPDLSS Princess Daisy After returning to Sarasaland after her long absence, Princess Daisy is back where she belongs and in the dress she belongs in too. Princess Daisy uses her brute strength to attack and can use the Scepter of Purity as a weapon too.


Image Name Description
N/A Mario
N/A Luigi
N/A Princess Peach
N/A Toad
N/A Toadette
N/A Yoshi
N/A Birdo
N/A Queen Bryony
N/A King Lienani
N/A Tacalate Tacalates are some of the inhabitants of Sarasaland and resemble dog-like creatures. Notible Tacalate's are Benny who owns the Book Store, Billy who owns the Jewlers Store and Bobby who owns the Food Store
N/A Mochoa Mochoa's are some of the inhabitants of Sarasaland and resemble cat-like creatures. Notible Mochoa's are Betty who owns the Candy Store, Bessy who owns the Tool Store and Baiddy who owns the Toy Store.


Image Name Scepter
DragoniaByArend Dragonia Koopa Scepter of Magic
JustinTKoopa Justin Koopa Scepter of Health
N/A Tim J. Koopa Scepter of Stone
HarleyBKoopaEva Harley B. Koopa Scepter of Power
N/A Chris Koopa Scepter of Ice
N/A Larry Koopa Scepter of Fortune
N/A Jackson Koopa Scepter of Vanity
N/A Lady G. Koopa Scepter of Jealousy
N/A Morton Koopa Jr. Scepter of Gluttony
BazyliKoopaEva Bazyli Koopa Scepter of Thunder
N/A Risen Koopa Scepter of Emotion
N/A Wendy O. Koopa Scepter of Water
N/A Alex E. Koopa Scepter of Lightning
N/A Dolly P. Koopa Scepter of Sugar
EllenDKoopaEva Ellen D. Koopa Scepter of Space
N/A Iggy Koopa Scepter of Nature
N/A Ross Koopa Scepter of Color
N/A Noah Koopa Scepter of Time
N/A Roy Koopa Scepter of Force
N/A Lemmy Koopa Scepter of Joy
N/A Gyro P. Koopa Scepter of Darkness
N/A Ludwig V. Koopa Scepter of Logic
N/A Pyotr I. Koopa Scepter of Air
ThomasEKoopa Thomas E. Koopa Scepter of Light
N/A Mortisha Koopa Scepter of Music
N/A Lavora Koopa Scepter of Truth
N/A Bowser Koopa Jr. Scepter of Fire
N/A Jinkesse Koopa Scepter of Life
N/A Bowser Koopa Sceper of Evil
N/A Tatanga Scepter of Death


  • Princess Daisy is known as "Empress Daisy Rose" in Sarasaland hinting her last name is Rose.
    • Rose is also the maiden name of Eva's Mother.
  • A Machoa tells the player of Old Sarasaland and gives the player a map resembling Africa.
  • Sarasaland was redesigned to resemble India rather than Egypt like it was at first.
    • Sarasaland was moved from the African location into the Asian location, the original is known as Old Sarasaland.
    • The Sarasaland Temple is based on the Taj Mahal.
    • In the end of the game, Daisy is shown wearing a White and Golden Sari and Idian headdress and a flower-like Bindi.

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