Princess Copper
Princess of the Platinum Kingdom
Full Name Princess Copernica Adamalia
Current Age 22
Gender Female
Species Metallic Human
Location Platina Town
Current Status Alive
Ability/ies Minor elemental magic

Can manipulate metal/create life from it

First Appearance Super Mario RPG: World of Metal
Series Super Mario

Princess Copper (full name Princess Copernica Adamalia) is the princess of the Platinum Kingdom, the primary location of Super Mario RPG: World of Metal. Copper is a benevolent ruler, yet is noticeably more excitable and temperamental than Princess Peach, her Mushroom Kingdom counterpart. She acts as both the secondary protagonist of the game and as Mario's first party member.


Princess Copper is a tall, slender woman with shortly trimmed red hair. Her skin is a metallic grey, which is understandable for one whose body is constructed entirely of an "organic metal" comparable to the coating gained by Mario when he picks up a Metal Cap, albeit it makes up her entire body as opposed to simply coating it. Her eyes are glowing lights, though whether they are actual lights or simply magical is yet to be seen.

Unable to change clothes without "reconstructing" herself, Copper's default outfit consists of a metal corset and a dress with detached sleeves, as well as red gloves and black boots. She wears a large red gear-shaped broach on her chest, though whether or not it is simply decorative is yet to be seen.

Copper is a kindhearted individual who deeply cares for anything in her kingdom- as she should, having created nearly every living entity on her own utilizing her metal manipulation abilities. This contrasts with the idea that entities in the Platinum Kingdom are born lacking souls, as pointed out by Peach. In contrast, while she's at least nice towards organic life, she really doesn't show the same appreciation towards it (unless it happens to be a close friend like Mario).

While she is kind, Copper is often self-centered, focusing on the good of the Platinum Kingdom and herself over anything else. This is first depicted when she meets Mario, as she immediately has him join her on her quest to defeat the warlord plaguing her lands before he even mentions his own reason for journeying. In addition, Copper is easily riled up and can become hyperactive if something has made her happy or mad enough.