Princess Cloud, is a cute, fun little creature that is known as a trouble-maker, and very hyperactive. Although Princess Cloud can be a trouble-maker, she always is on the good side of things... when it comes down to it!

Super Mario Galaxy 3

Princess Cloud made her first appearence in the game Super Mario Galxy 3 for Wii U. In this game, Princess Cloud is found at World 5, in an underground world, in which she is crying. She says she is crying because she had been naughty, and her dad got mad at her. After her and Mario are done talking, news is spread that her father King Thunder, had been kidnapped by been kidnapped by Sparkz, an evil villain. Mario then must battle Sparkz... and save the king, After Mario defeats the king, Princess Cloud is very happy, and aboards the S.S Super-Star... to sail to more islands on this planet, and aboards the Glimmer Ship, to fly to other planets with the crew.


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