Princess Cleffa
Princess Cleffa
Full Name Princess Cleffa
Current Age 7
Location Castle Street
Class Child, Stundent, Princess
Main Weapon(s) Various

Princess Cleffa is the rather spoiled princess of Johto in the Litle P and Sandslash Series. She is usually how the gang gets their equipment. She lives in Cleffa's Castle, and is described as a more heavyset character, and a bit of a glutton. However, she is still very wild at times, and surprisingly athletic.

Relationships with other characters

The two of them have been friends since a young age, and are always seen playing together.

While not as much as Litle P, Cleffa and Randy are still good friends. Cleffa usually sticks up for Lotey, however.

One of Cleffa's good friends, She usually defends him when he and Randy fight.


Cleffa's main powers seem to be normal powers for a Cleffa. She has, on several occasions, shown telekinesis skills, as well as levitation (which is hindered by her weight to the point of uselessness)



  • She has been revealed to be Max2, the series' creator's, favorite character.