Princess Buttercup
Princess Buttercup, the Princess of the Buttercup Kingdom
Full Name Princess Buttercup Toadstool
Current Age Legs
Location Buttercup Kingdom
Class Princess
Main Weapon(s) Legs
Voice Actor(s)
Justin Roiland
Princess Buttercup is Peach's long lost sister and appears to be a mass of legs centered around a eyeball, which is connected to the legs through visible stitching. Peach is the only character that seems to actually know she's not a person, as everyone else treats the character as if they were a living breathing human and not a mass of bloody legs connected to a giant eyeball.


Not much is known about Princess Buttercup because she doesn't like speaking often. When she does speak, it's in a gargled language everyone pretends to know, although it is unknown if she has any actual brain functions. If she does, she likely registers incredible physical and mental pains that gets indescribably worse every passing second.

She's pretty good at basketball.


She's a mass of legs connected to a single, massive, bulging eyeball with visible stitching. She wears a crown using a leg that's up in the air. I don't know if we have to go over this again.


Super Mario Maker Phi

Her first official appearance of sorts, although her page has been around for a while. She appears in an event course and is a Mystery Mushroom costume that is unlocked after beating the course. Every time she jumps one of five excruciating noises by the talented Justin Roiland can be heard.


Princess Peach

Whatever is left of her brain seems to hate her. She has been seen trying to murder Peach several times, but these always seem to fail in the worst possible way. An example of this is when she attempted to murder Peach with scissors, but it came out as an amazing haircut. Princess Peach is unaware of this and thinks of Princess Buttercup kindly, even though her hatred for Peach fuels her basketball skills.

Queen Harmony

King George


  • Her eye color is somewhat greyish, implying she may be blind.