Princess Blooe
Princess Blooe is a pacifist. She is kidnapped at the beginning of Pokemon: Legends of Mew.
Full Name Princess Blooe
Current Age Unkown
Date of Birth Unkown
Zodiac Sign Unkown
Gender Female
Location The Forest of Mew
Family and Relations
Has a crush on Xyphyl
Main Weapon(s) Psychic Powers
Ability/ies Levitate
Vulnerable To Darkness
Blooe, Princess
First Appearance Pokemon: Legends of Mew
Latest Appearance Pokemon: Legends of Mew
Princess Blooe is the 'princess in distress' of the game Pokemon: Legends of Mew. She is the only Mew who does not make fun of Xyphyl; she actually has a crush on him.


Not much is known about Blooe; she has been a Princess for as long as she can remember, but there is no Queen role for her to fill; Pokemon don't have advamced governments.


  • Fantendo Smash Bros. Crushed: A summonable character.
  • The Fantendo Pit: An Unlockable Character. She is unlocked by defeating Zexam in Story Mode.
    • Her Moveset is:
    • Entrance: Warps in with Teleport
    • Basic Attack: Tail Whip
    • Side Attack: Tail Lash
    • Up Attack: Tail Spin
    • Finisher: Random Mews fly in from background
    • Victory Pose: Acts like Link after finding an item in a chest
    • Losing Pose: Shakes head, floats low



  • She is the only Mew to appreciate Xyphyl.
  • Her name is based on the color 'blue.'