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Princess Blooe
Princess Blooe is a pacifist. She is kidnapped at the beginning of Pokemon: Legends of Mew.
Full Name Princess Blooe
Current Age Unkown
Date of Birth Unkown
Zodiac Sign Unkown
Gender Female
Location The Forest of Mew
Main Weapon(s) Psychic Powers
Element(s) Psychic
Ability/ies Levitate
Vulnerable To Darkness
First Appearance Pokemon: Legends of Mew
Latest Appearance Pokemon: Legends of Mew
Family and Relations
Has a crush on Xyphyl
Blooe, Princess
Princess Blooe is the 'princess in distress' of the game Pokemon: Legends of Mew. She is the only Mew who does not make fun of Xyphyl; she actually has a crush on him.


Not much is known about Blooe; she has been a Princess for as long as she can remember, but there is no Queen role for her to fill; Pokemon don't have advamced governments.


  • Fantendo Smash Bros. Crushed: A summonable character.
  • The Fantendo Pit: An Unlockable Character. She is unlocked by defeating Zexam in Story Mode.
    • Her Moveset is:
    • Entrance: Warps in with Teleport
    • Basic Attack: Tail Whip
    • Side Attack: Tail Lash
    • Up Attack: Tail Spin
    • Finisher: Random Mews fly in from background
    • Victory Pose: Acts like Link after finding an item in a chest
    • Losing Pose: Shakes head, floats low



  • She is the only Mew to appreciate Xyphyl.
  • Her name is based on the color 'blue.'

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