Princess Bella
Bella, the princess of Heart Kingdom.
Full Name Princess Bella
Gender Female
Species Human
Location Grape Town, Heart Kingdom
Class Princess and actual kingdom's ruler
Family and Relations
King Rodolph (Father)

Princess Peach (Friend)

Princess Daisy (Friend)

Ability/ies Medicine, sports, kart racings
Eye color Light green
Hair color Nut-brown
Welcome to my kingdom! My family did it with all of our heart... literally! Tee hee!
Princess Bella

Princess Izabella (mainly known as Princess Bella) is the ruler of the Heart Kingdom. She is a very kind, lovely and benevolent person. Her mom died in Bella's birth and her dad is old and really sick, so her family is her people.

Before assuming the throne, Bella worked as a doctor in the kingdom's hospital. But when her father fell ill, she had to leave the hospital and begin to reign in his stead.


Bella's main dress is light purple and cuts off at the top of her chest, where a pale-purple flap loops around. It has long sleeves with wide openings at the bottom, which are topped with pale-purple, heart-shaped frills. At Bella's waist are two deep purple panniers, used to accent the gown's frame. At the gown's bottom and knee-high are deep purple ruffles, the last adorned with heart-shaped pink tourmalines rounded by silver brooches in each frame. In her chest, there's a brooch just like the ones found in her skirt. She uses deep purple high heels. Bella's earrings are heart-shaped pink tourmalines, which also adorns her silver crown's front and back, alongside the lateral oval peridots.

When playing sports like tennis and golf, Bella wears a light purple mini-dress, with deep purple, heart shaped collar and deep purple heart detailed bottom. This dress doesn't have sleeves. When playing more active sports, like baseball, she uses a tank just like her mini-dress' top and deep purple shorts. In both cases, she also uses white socks, purple tennis shoes and her usual jewels (brooch, crown and earrings). Her hair is tied back in a ponytail by a light green ribbon.

Cartoon bella4

Bella's sport mini-dress.

While riding bikes, ATVs or competing in equestrian events, Bella wears a white jumpsuit, with purple lateral lines, purple heart shaped pattern in the back and purple accessories (belt, boots and gloves). She also uses a deep purple scarf, her usual jewels and ties back her hair in a ponytail with the light green ribbon.

In acquatic and gymnastic sports, Bella wears a light purple leotard, with deep purple lateral accents. She uses her usual jewels, but doesn't use shoes.

Bella has a winter outfit too. This one consists in a deep purple jumpsuit, with tiny and white lateral lines, used under a light purple mini dress, with a deep purple, heart shaped collar and a fluffy white ring in the bottom. She also uses white winter gloves and white ankle boots with purple laces. Her usual jewels and light green ribbon (which ties back her hair in a ponytail) are used too.