Princess Arbor
Princess Arbor
Princess Arbor's current design
Full Name Princess Arbor Rose
Current Age 15
Gender Female
Species Human
Location Sarasaland
Current Status Alive
Class Princess
First Appearance Flower Power 64 (1998)
Latest Appearance Super Mario Sunshine IV: Paint Peril (2013)

Princess Arbor is Prince Darice and Princess Daisy's little sister, the child of Queen Rosemarie and is the best friend of Princess Logica.


Arbor is a young woman hailing from Sarasaland with features that look strikingly similar to her sister Daisy. She shares the same square-ish shaped head and huge eyes. However, Arbor's eyes a a light green. Arbor has long light brown eyebrows and deep auburn hair that is more darker than Daisy's red/auburn hair. Her hair reaches her lower back and curls at the end. Arbor wears a sea foam green gown with deep green panniers that frame her gown. Unlike the other princesses, Arbor's drees doesn't have any layers. Due to Arbor's love for trees and nature. Arbor wears a green leaf pendant across her chest.


Rosemarie describes her daughter as hot-tempered and pugnacious--kinda like herself. Nevertheless, she can be tranquil and peaceful.  When arbor was a child, she constantly feuded with her older sister over many things. However, Daisy usually ended up winning the argument. Due to this, Daisy was favored more than Arbor and Arbor grew jealous and spiteful of her sister--similar to Logica. As a result, Arbor gets angry very easily. To calm herself down, she lights a candle and meditates in the foest near the trees. She is stated to be a "hippie." She is usually calm (but like said before is easily angered) and is always saying things like "Save the trees!" or "Peace to the world|" Her mother disapproves of things like this.


Princess Daisy

Arbor is the younger sister of Daisy and princess of Sarasalnd. Arbor has a strained relationship with Daisy, due to her hot temper. Daisy was put as next in line for the throne of Sarsaland by their father, and Arbor resented daisy ever since. Since that time, Arbor has tried to beat her sister in eveything but ultimately losed. As she became older, Arbor grew a slightly more lovable side towards Daisy after she met Logica.


Logica is the best friend of Arbor and her "sister in arms". Logica and Arbor share a friendship that is similar to their older sisters. They both harbor resentment for their siblings and have crushes on their siblings love interest. Logica's devious nature was a perfect match for Arbor's temper.


Arbor has a crush on Luigi, just like Logica has a crush on Mario. Arbor has flirted around luigi and tried to ask him to the Shooting star summit, but was heartbroken when she found out he was going with Daisy.


  • Arbor is latin for Tree.
  • She is based on STM's (tbc) sisters' (tbc) friend, Chloe.