-In this kingdom we don't need any protocol, and that goes for you, Peach.- 

Princess Araceli, in her first visit to the Mushroom kingdom.

Princess Araceli is the princess of Fashion Kingdom, she is a shiny teenager, a girl that is 16 years old.


Princess Araceli

Princess Araceli, princess of Fashion kingdom

She usually is very kind, but she has a very passive attitude, like the teenagers of



She is thin, she has a white skin, some blue eyes and specially bigs, she wear

normally a very long scarlet hair.


She wear long classic and yellow dress different of another Nintendo princesses' dress; she wear some yellow long gloves that they don't covers her fingers,

and a special gold tiara with an emerald in the central part.


She hasn't any family, but she has many friends, like Princess Daisy, Princess Rosalina, Princess Angel  and 

Princess Peach.


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