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Princess ApplePeach 2
Developer(s) Nintendo, Iceboys12co.
Publisher(s) Iceboys12co.
Platform(s) NES/Famicom
Release Date(s)


Single Players, Multi-Players
Age Rating(s)
E for Everyone
Genre(s) Platform, Comedy

Princess ApplePeach 2 (物語のアップルピーチ2:新しい偉大な冒険 The Story of Apple Peach 2: The Great New Adventure) is a platform game for the NES/Famicom, and the sequel to Princess ApplePeach. It's japanese release is Marth 8, 1988. Like it's original, It was releashed in 1988 worldwise 3 months later, and it once again made by Iceboys12co. It was the first time that ApplePeach's sidlings(and Pinn) can be playable.


The gameplay is the same as the original game, but have some differences. The player controls ApplePeach, Jon, Rina, or Pinn in the effort to save Cookieville once again from Dr. Killa and his BIG BAD gang (which later on called Super Might Cookie Search and Smash Sqaud(SMCSS Squad). Before each acts on each world, the player can select what characters to choose from. There are eight worlds in the game, with 4 acts each: Cookieville, The Entilla Desert, The Dark Woods, The Echo Mountain, Metal-Factory, Toonyland, Dr. Killa's Mansion, Dr. Killa's Monster Tower. Coins can be collected in the game. However, the player loses half of their coins when losing a life.



Princess ApplePeach - A adorable little heroic princess of Cookieville is back to save her kingdom from Dr. Killa's new evil plot, now tagged with her big sidlings and best friend. She is the balanced of all of her allies.

Prince Jon - A heroic prince of Cookieville and the big brother of ApplePeach is here to help ApplePeach on her quest with some more actions. He can run faster than anyone else and he can stop enemies with his own style.

Princess Rina - A other princess of Cookieville and the big sister of ApplePeach is here to help out her sidlings to stop Dr.Killa. She can jump higher than anyone else and she can able to get into high places.

Pinn - The little wizard and the brother of Kinn who is now alone to save his friend ApplePeach and her sidlings. He can also balanced, and he can float anywhere.


  1. Cookieville: This is the starting world, and it can have abit few enemies around there. ROB-TRAIN is the boss in this level.
  2. The Entilla Desert: It's a half-desert and half-utopia sort of village where a bunch of bandits is ruling it. Jet is the boss in this level.
  3. The Dark Woods: The bizarre and nightly forests with the bats and wolfs haunts you around. Evilla is the boss in this level.
  4. The Echo Mountains: One of the well-known mountains of Cookieville, and the bunch of bandits from earlier is taking it over! Crack-Man is the boss in this level.
  5. Metal-Factory: The Factory is one of Dr. Killa's base apparently. The bunch of robots is guarding the whole place along with the pirates. Mr. Bad is the boss in this level.
  6. Toonyland: The Amusement park who can be fun and a bunch of giggles! The Pirates are trying to capture it down. M.M.M. 2.0 is the boss of this level.
  7. Dr. Killa's Mansion: The Lair of the evil genius where the bunch of enemies from previous levels are guarding it. Dr. Killa's Robo Manink is the boss of this level.
  8. Dr. Killa's Monster Tower: The second Lair and the secret base where the robot dragons are trying to destroys the heroes. Dr. Killa's Robotic Dragon is the final boss of the game.