Princess Apple (aka Empress Apple)
Empress apple
Princess Cherry in Mario Party Aurora
Full Name Empress Apple von Apple Empire
Current Age 15
Date of Birth 3rd May 2000
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Gender Female
Species Human(?)
Location Empress Apple's Imperial Plaza
Current Status Alive(?)
Class Princess (2000-2013)

Empress (2013-????)

Family and Relations
Princess Peach, Mario, Luigi, Princess Cherry, Yoshilda
Look out for Wendy Spaces!
Princess Apple, Mario Party Aurora

Princess Apple is the younger sister of Princess Peach and Princess Cherry. She was supposed to rule Fruitlandia, but since her parents didn't accept her homosexuality with Toadette, they decided to Bequeath the kingdom to their oldest child, Princess Cherry.

Because of this, Princess Apple hates her sisters because they have their own kingdom but she doesn't, so she decided to create the Apple Empire to destroy the Mushroom kingdom and Fruitlandia

She's the secret mother of Bowser Jr and since she abandoned him, she has to pay a Maintenance allowance to Bowser, who still think that his son's mother is Princess Peach

Appearance and Personality

Princess Apple normally wears a dress similar to her sisters' dress. She has earrings shaped like apples and her hair is a bit like her sisters' hair as well, but she has braids. She has both eyes with different colours, one of them is red and the other one is green, her two favourite colors (cause there are green and red apples...). 

She loves love, her first romantic story was with Toadette, but they split up, now she's in love Yoshilda, even though Yoshilda avoids her.

Mario Party Aurora

Princess Apple appears as a host in the sixth board



Empress Apple and her sister, Cherry

  • She's younger than Peach but she's way smarter than her (that's not saying much since she's stupid too), but Cherry is very good at science and she hates her most
  • Since Peach and Cherry's name was of a fruit, Apple´s name is a fruit name as well!