Princess Amena
Princess Amena by Eva.
Full Name Princess Amena Shakir
Current Age 15
Gender Female
Species Human
Location Aurorala (Formerly)

The Mushroom Kingdom (Present)

Current Status Alive
Class Princess
Main Weapon(s) Bow and Arrow
Nationality Auroralan
Voice Actor(s)
Afshan Azad
First Appearance Kooped Up
Princess Amena Shakir is the princess of Aurorala who first appeared in the TV show Kooped Up. Amena was an escapee from when her kingdom was invaded by Tatanga, she later returned to her Kingdom with Bowser and the Koopalings help and defeated Tatanga. She then moved to The Mushroom Kingdom with her new friend Princess Peach.


Amena has medium-tan skin and deep brown eyes. She wears a glimmering teal hijab and an elegant long sleeved teal pleated maxi dress with a white-seafoam lace ribbon along the waist. She wears white gloves that cover her hands. For sports and biking she wears a shorter version of her dress with white-seafoam harem pants and teal flats.


Amena is very relaxed and calm, always helping her friends and family and always trying to do the best for everyone. She enjoys singing and often sings around her castle. She has mild social anxiety and sometimes has panic attacks infront of large groups of people, her favorite color is teal.


Kooped Up

Amena appears in Kooped Up as an escapee who fled into Bowser's Kingdom when her kingdom was captured by Tatanga. Bowser and the Koopalings helped her defeat Tatanga, as it was Elly and Ross's fault that Tatanga entered her kingdom. Amena was reunited with her parents and citizens after Pauline defeated Tatanga. She formed a strong bond with her after this.

Princess Daisy and the Legend of the Sarasaland Scepters

Despite not appearing in this game, Amena's kingdom, Auroralas is mentioned several times throughout the game by the citizens of Sarasaland.

Super Mario Sunshine: Wide Horizons

Princess Amena is a side charcter who was invited to the Royal Court along with the other Princesses. Amena is captured by Tatanga and taken to Gelato Beach. After her retrieval she gives Mario her Desert Glass and heads back to the safety of the Shine Gate. Amena was originally going to be playable but it was scrapped as she isn't a very well known character and this is also her first in-game debut.

Mario Sports Arena 2015

Amena is an unlockable character in this game. She is unlocked after completeing the Long Jump with 3 stars using Pauline or Warupichi.