Prince Rosalio
ROSS final
Full Name Prince Rosalio
Current Age immortal
Gender Male
Species Human
Current Status Alive
Class Prince
Family and Relations
Maria, you must use the unlock the secrets of the power stars in order to save the Prince
Ross instructing Maria on how to save Prince Pearce Toadstool

Prince Rosalio is the gender-swapped version of Princess Rosalina and a good friend of Micheal. He is also the boyfriend of Walice.


Like Prince Pearce and Prince Daisley, Prince Rosalio wears a outfit that fits the same color scheme as his gender
ROSS final

Prince Ross's current design

swap. However he wears light grey pants and dark grey boots.He has platinum blonde hair with a large bang covering his eye just like Rosalina. He is also extremely tall, being even taller than his counterpart, Rosalina


Game Apearances

Super Paper Mario 2: Rock, Paper, Scissors

He is set to apear as an unlockable character, he will be unlocked by finishing the game as Rosalina or you can meet him in story mode.

Super Rosalina Galaxy 2

He is kidnapped by Bowser, and when he is rescued, he is playable.

The Next Mario Kart Game

Him along with his Baby form are in this game as unlockable characters.


  • His previous names were Royce and Ross