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Skar, I can't let you to turn up too much light!
Paint, Art Battle 3DS Version

Prince Paint
Paint the Prince of Artland.
Current Age Ageless (Presumaly teenager)
Date of Birth 18 November 1990
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Gender Male
Species Artlandan (Presumaly wildboy)
Location Royal City
Current Status Alive
Class Good
Main Weapon(s) Superpaint Brush
Element(s) Paint/Wood
Ability/ies Makes copies of himself, makes transport holes, other Paint Abilities.
First Appearance Art Battle
Family and Relations
Princess Pencil (Sister)

Prince Paint is the main protogonist of Art Battle. He uses the Paint and Wood element attacks and protect Artland from the evil Skar.


He is quite cheerful yet sometimes harsh when not respected. When someone betrayed him, he will instantly strikes back and fight until the traitor is taken down (unless it is a releative or a friend). He is also extremely aware and can't be fooled by surprise attacks or feints at all.


Like most Paint characters, he can makes copy of himself to dupe foes. He can also make "Transport Holes" to get through walls or to get away for some short distances. He can also uses Woods attacks and can hide on grassy environnements with ease.


Princess Pencil

While sharing the same occupation as Princess Pencil, he respect her sister more as a friend than as a princess, and will protect her when something or someone will attack her (and vice versa). They also cares deeply at each others.


He dislike Skar, as that one constantly endangers Artland into a "land of whole lights". Skar also dislike him for keeping on ruining his plans. As a results, they will either shares to few to no speeches, or will get into fight when Skar is responsable for certain disasters.


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