Looks like someone had made a rather uncreative strategy...
Paint, making a snark toward someone not being smart at the very wrong moment

Prince Paint
Prince Paint (New)
Paint the Prince of Artland.
Current Age Ageless (Presumaly young adult)
Date of Birth 18 November 1990
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Gender Male
Species Artlandan (Presumaly wildboy)
Location Royal City
Current Status Alive
Class Good
Family and Relations
Princess Pencil (Sister)
Main Weapon(s) Superpaint Brush
Ability/ies Makes copies of himself, makes transport holes, other Paint Abilities.
First Appearance Art Battle

Prince Paint is the main protagonist of Art Battle. He uses the Paint and Wood element attacks and protect Artland from the evil Skar. Although not fully crowned as King of Artland, he is highly responsible and have a hobby to help out good people while his sister watches the kingdom and warns him with Message Stones when ill-intentioned people are up to something bad.


He is quite cheerful yet sometimes harsh when not respected. When someone betrayed him, he will make sure the traitor is punished as he fears that the traitor will do it again (unless it is a relative or a friend). He is also extremely aware and can't be fooled by surprise attacks or feints at all.

Despite having fangs (and unbreakable teeth), he uses them more for biting at any purposes but don't use them for genuine harm, at least until last resort. A running gag is that he tend to be called a vampire, while he corrects that he isn't. This is mostly because of his said fangs.

He also enjoys all type of musics, but prefer orchestra and pop music. He also enjoy making artistic activities, but when he felt that he mimics someone else, he immediately change plan. That being said, he tend to be quite of a harsh but honest critic about the others' artistic talents.

He does not like to hear people bragging around, but seems to never lose his nerve when someone cussed at him (this case only happens in crossovers). He also found bigotry as a lame excuse to be a jerk with a certain group, and found misanthropy (hating everyone equally) not much of a disturbance as long as it will not become a reason to push a person with such misanthropy to commit crimes or other unthinkable acts.

While usually cool, he can lose his temper when someone had made a truly stupid, sudden or spiteful double-cross, or also when someone is being a sore loser and committed an awful act to show his or her spite. As a result, while showing his tranquil fury, it can scare even Skar, as he can be also very intimidating as no one will know when he will strike, but he never do it for revenge but does so after a last warning and the provoker failed to abide.

He does tend to be sarcastic and snarky when people messed up at the wrong moment at the wrong place. This is especially the case of when someone should came up with an effective solution but instead use a rather lackluster one. He does not directly call anyone by bad names, but simply use witty snarks.


Like most Paint characters, he can makes copy of himself to dupe foes. He can also make "Transport Holes" to get through walls or to get away for some short distances. He can also uses Woods attacks and can hide on grassy environments with ease.


Princess Pencil

While sharing the same occupation as Princess Pencil, he respect her sister more as a friend than as a princess, and will protect her when something or someone will attack her (and vice versa). They also cares deeply at each others.

However, they do not always agreed on each others, and while Princess Pencil had generally had good points, she doesn't have nerves to tell him despite that Paint can easily understand without getting mad at her.


He dislike Skar, as that one constantly endangers Artland into a "land of whole fight of lights". Skar also dislike him for keeping on ruining his plans. As a results, they will either shares to few to no speeches, but will not get into a fight unless when Skar is responsible for certain disasters and the latter one continues.

They are not always show dislike to each others in most cases. Sometimes, they even see each others as skilled as they are, even if Skar tend to proclaim to be superior. Skar even openly help Prince Paint when the wizard is not up to something wicked against him.


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