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Prince Icing Jonathan Wray Eggerton

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What does 'backstory' mean?
Prince Icing Jonathan Wray Eggerton

Prince Icing Jonathan Wray Eggerton
Full Name Prince Icing Johnathan Wray Eggerton the 4th or Ice
Current Age 14
Date of Birth January 24th, 3002
Gender Pink Plastic
Species Pink Plastic Icicle
Location Artic Ocean
Current Status Married to Bob the Blob
Family and Relations
King Classius Pandum Cordonnier Eggerton (father)
  • Queen Ashlee Beck Erick Eggerton (Mother)
  • Griffin Joan Kinsinger Eggerton (twin)
  • ????? (OLDEST BROTHER)
Bob the Blob
Height 5'8
Weight 110 Pounds
Sexuality Homosexual
Voice Actor(s)
Griffin Wray:

First Appearance Craftendo
Prince Icing Jonathan Wray Eggerton or better known as simply Ice, is a frozen human who is apart of the species known as "Pink Plastic Icicles". Pink Plastic Icicles are frozen human beings, who are born out of icicles causing their skin to turn blue, and their hearts to grow a Pink Plastic shell around it, which keeps them alive. Ice was born January 24, 3002, and he was found breaking out of a glacier in James Ross, Antarctica. He then helped save 3 other people who were stuck in large glaciers, but those other 3 eventually died, due to melting. This left Ice to be the last Pink Plastic Icicle in existance. Ice's age was frozen in time, however he has no idea what happened in his life as a human. Chances are that January 24, 3002 isn't his actual birthday, and when he was a human it was long before that day. Ice may never know the truth of his past...


January 24th, 3002 Prince Icing Jonathan Wray Eggerton (Ice) found himself breaking out of a glacier that day, with not a single memory of his past. Scared and confused, Ice frantically searched his pockets for any clue on his past. Only thing he found was a broken ID, saying "Jonathan Wray" and part of his face. Ice decided that without a confirmed name, he'd call himself Icing Jonathan Wray, the icing part coming from the fact that his skin was light blue, which was comparable to that of ice. Ice was extremely hungry, so made a spear out of icicles and sticks. He attempted to hunt a Polarbear, but decided against it, due to how extremely kind the polarbear was to Ice (rubbing against him like a cat, not acting afraid of the weapon). Ice kept the Polarbear, and saw he had a note attatched to his foot saying "Trev", so presumed that was his name. Ice felt overwhelming sadness whenever he said the name "Trev" but eventually got over it. Ice got used to it eventually and ignored sadness, but always found it fascinating why he had sadness when he said "Trev". Ice eventually made a cabin out of dead tree wood, and lived there with Trev. Ice is constantly trying to find other people on earth, by finding left behind technology in Antarctica (where he lives), however to no avail. He may never find a human again.


  • Humpty Dumpty's Tragic Death
  • Fire
  • His Pink Plastic Shell around his heart
  • His past life


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