Prince Hanikamu
Hanikamu: The Bee Prince
Full Name Prince Hanikamu (Or Hanikamu)
Gender Male
Location Game Town
Current Status Alive
Class Prince of Game Town
Family and Relations
Froglet (Pet)

Princess Honeycomb (Sister)

Main Weapon(s) His Stinger
Ability/ies Train his frogs
The Clubhouse Pets
First Appearance Clubhouse Games

Prince Hanikamu is a character from Clubhouse Games.


When he was a little boy, He loves to come to the pond to get his own pet. Hanikamu was sad until a baby frog jumped into the box. When he got home, He named the frog Froglet and as they got older, He is thinking about marrying Princess Honeycomb.

Clubhouse GamesEdit

Prince Hanikamu is the host of Chinese Checkers. His frogs are the pieces.


His room is a castle room with a prince bed and a bed for Froglet.