Prince Gloombo is the leader of all Goombos. He had a castle in Grassy Grotto but was banished to the underworld after he stole an Infinity Shard. he is the boss of the first world in Kirby RPG and the Infinity Shard

Prince Gloombo
The Goombo Prince
Full Name Gloombo Gloomba III
Current Age 15
Date of Birth 2001
Gender Male
Species Gloombo
Class Boss
Family and Relations
Galoomba (Peasents) King Goombo (Father)
Main Weapon(s) Fists/Teeth
Ability/ies Sharp Teeth
Height 7"
Voice Actor(s)
Adam Driver
First Appearance Kirby RPG and the Infinity shard
Latest Appearance Kirby RPG and the Infinity Shard
Series Kirby RPG Infinity Shard


Prince Gloombo is the son of King Goomba and Princess Peach. He was born on Popstar in Grassy Grotto where his dad had a castle. Prince Gloomba was raised by just his dad, however, his father never had time to spend with him so he spent most of his days sitting in the castle imagining what it would be like if he was a ruler. One day when the Infinity Comet split into shards across Popstar, His dad got a hold of one and kept it in his castle. That night however, Prince Gloombo wanted to take it to gain power over all of Popstar, but when he took it he was banished to the underworld where he was forced to live forever. Prince Gloomba still had the shard though, so he took control of the underworld and enslaved the goombos to do his bidding.

He was happy in the underworld until one day when Kirby and Blaze came and tried to take his shard. Prince Gloombo sent out his minions of goombos to kill Kirby but since they were weak they died very quickly. Lots of the goombos hid in their houses or in the caste so Kirby was able to get to Prince Gloombo and fight him. Prince Gloombo gave the fight everything he had but failed to defeat them. He then went into hiding and no one knows where he went after he lost the battle.


Prince Gloombo is light blue like the other gloombos. He has two giant pointy teeth that connect in his mouth. His evers are all black and he rarely smiles. Prince Gloombo is rarely seen without his red and gold crown with a lighting bolt. Inside the crown is where he keeps his Infinity Shard. He also has hands that resemble Kirbys that other goombas and goombos don't have.


Prince Gloombo is very easily angered, because of being banished at such a young age, he can't hold in his stress. He lets out his anger by making Goombos do his bidding. He loves to collect shiny things, including the Infinity Shard, which he put into his crown. He loves being alone and hates people. He also loves eating and using his arms, that most Goombos don't have.