Primate Land
A view of the island from the volcano.
Greater Location Mushroom Kingdom
Current Capital Lava Labyrinth
First Appearance Super Mario: An Evil Rising
Current Ruler Kong Mage (Temporarily) Mule Pong
Location Type Tropical
Included Environment(s)
Lava Labyrinth, Mule Pong's hut
Related Locations
Donkey Kong Island
Notable Resident(s)
Mule Pong, Kong Mage, Unnamed apes
Primate Land was an ancient island connected to the Mushroom Kingdom via boat. It was a prehistoric version of Donkey Kong Island. It's main inhabitants of the island are ape, ancient Kremling, and ancient members of the Tiki Tak Tribe.


The island's beaches were inhabited by the Kongs. The rivers are inhabited by the Kremlings and the Tiki Tak Tribe lives inside the forests and jungles. Many traps have been set up throughout the island by the Kong Mage. Luigi had to climb to the inside of the volcano and go through The Ultimate Maze in order to fight the Kong Mage.


Super Mario: An Evil Rising

Luigi makes it to the island and decides to help Mule Pong, ancestor of Donkey Kong, with hunting down the Kong Mage and save his people. After traveling all the way up the volcano, Luigi goes down to the Lava Labyrinth and tries to find him. After Luigi transform the Mage into the Kong Mage Bongo, he gives Mule Pong the bongo, freed the apes, and leaves the island.