Artwork by Half-blood2000 (tbc)
Full Name Presta
Current Age 17
Gender Female
Location Pretiuma
Current Status Alive
Class Witch
Main Weapon(s) Tome
Ability/ies Gravity, Teleportation and Telepathy Magic.
First Appearance Winged Nexus
Latest Appearance Winged Nexus

Presta is a fairy appearing in the Winged Nexus series. She is a kleptomaniac, and studies to become a witch. She has a pet cat named Noctis.


Presta was raised in a family of artistocrats, living a very privileged life that was very much perfect, leading to her perfectionism later in life. After a series of thefts due to her kleptomania, eventually Presta left her family, and began a new life amongst the lower class citizens. She spent a long time studying magic at the Pretiuman Academy of Magic, at first to find a cure for her kleptomania and then because she discovered she was naturally gifted at it.

Winged Nexus


Personal Information

Physical Description

Presta is tall, has short, black hair and purple eyes. She wears a purple and black dress, and a black and white witch's hat.


Presta is a perfectionist, and cannot stand when things are not perfect according to what she thinks they should be like. She is also a kleptomaniac, and often steals things as soon as she decides she would like it, not realizing that stealing is bad until after she has taken it.


As a witch, Presta is skilled in the use of all kinds of magic; alongside her natural ability to control gravity-related magic, she can also teleport and use telepathy. She is also capable of creating potions, when she has the correct equipment.

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