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President Nightmare
IMG 0152
Full Name President Nightmare
Current Age Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Gender Male
Location Earth
Class Dictator
Ability/ies Control darkness
Vulnerable To Light
Voice Actor(s)
Alex Hirsch
First Appearance Adventure Time ZX
Latest Appearance Adventure Time: Zx

Lucifer Petrikov (President Nightmare or Lord Nightmare, real name Drake Sonso) is the main antagonist of Adventure Time Zx] and the Warlord and Supreme dictator of the Military Dictatorship of Robotroplis Empire. He is the Father of Finn and the Absolute ruler of Mobius who hates smashers.


Early life

Not much about his early life, except he was originally a human named Drake before being corrupted by the evil energy, which goes to the name of Lucifer Petrikov, but he nicknamed himself Nightmare.

The Smasher Arrests

He invaded Smasher city and took it over, after that he knew smashers will stand in his way of world domination, he ordered all of them arrested and robotosized as slaves to prevent that. He also stole the Master Emerald and had the koopas create the SWATbot armies and hire Mecha Sonic and the Beagle Boys to arrest all smashers and destroy their legacy. He later joins forces with Robotnik to take over Mobius, in which they did.


He still rules the world and owns Nightmare Enterprieses but he fakes to be the Very Nice President of the World and run everything on TV. He uses his robotosized slaves to make the Instructions. By the end of the first Arc He is injured and is currently a anti-hero ruler of his world where he and his employers sometimes are good guys and sometimes bad guys.

Game Appearances

Adventure Time Zx The game

He appears in the game adaptation of Adventure Time ZX as the main villain.

Undo-able: Unten Eleven

He reappears as one of Dark Master's minions. He controls his SWATBots to arrest every people to work with him, but thankfully he is defeated by Unten.


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