Developer(s) Fantasize Studios
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Immerse Go
Release Date(s)
Winter 2013
Age Rating(s)
ESRB: ERating - Everyone
PEGI: 3 Rating - Ages 3 and Up
Genre(s) RTS/Rhythm
Media Included Immerse Go Minidisc

Prehistorock is an Immerse Go title developed by Fantasize Studios, and one of the biggest launch titles of the system. The gameplay features a hybrid of rhythm and real time strategy.


In the future, time travel has become possible at last, and is controlled using sound. Bands can now travel through time to find inspiration, and one in particular, Kyo, is fascinated in dinosaurs. He goes back one day to get inspiration for his next album, but is followed by an evil group know as the Chronopoachers, who wish to capture dinosaurs and unleash havoc upon modern society. Kyo must use his guitar to tame the mighty dinosaurs and stop the Chronopoachers' plans once and for all!


The gameplay of Prehistorock is a mix of the real-time strategy genre and the rhythm genre. You view the battlefield from a top-down perspective, and move your units across hexagonal spaces. Aside from attacking, you can Explore (which gives you a chance of finding items) and equip items to your current unit. Items will give them things like extra health or a stat buff. To attack enemy units, you must play through a rhythm minigame. If you get a 10% or less, the attack won't go through, but 11% and over will do damage. The better you do in the rhythm minigame, the more damage you inflict.

List of Units

Name HP Speed
Tyrannosaurus rex 80 HP 50 Spd.
Triceratops 85 HP 40 Spd.
Velociraptor 75 HP 60 Spd.
Brachiosaurus 90 HP 20 Spd.
Stegosaurus 85 HP 55 Spd.
Parasaurolophus 75 HP 65 Spd.
tba tba tba


  • The game started as an RPG, but was changed to an RTS midway in development.
  • Kyo's name comes from "kyoryu", which is a Japanese word roughly meaning "dinosaur".

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