Prehistoric Games

Pglogowithアンデッド スレイヤー

Mascot Undead Slayer standing underneath the company logo.
Type of Company Video Game Company
Founder(s) User:AngryBirds1999
Founded at/in 2011
Area(s) Served Making Games with Nintendo
Owner(s) User:Angrybirds1999
No. of Employee(s) User:SuperSaiyanKirby
Prehistoric Games is a game company founded by User:Angrybirds1999.


Nintendo's Series

These are first-party series from Nintendo that Prehistoric Games are working on.

Super Mario

The Legend of Zelda


Donkey Kong

Super Smash Bros.


Prehistoric Games's Series

These are series that are made by Prehistoric Games which are licenced and published only by Nintendo.

Forgotten Warrior

In a forgotten era of Japanese history, the undead came to life. The Japanese were nearly wiped out until a heroic undead Ninja named Undead Slayer came and began to fight back against the undead evil.


Employee Name Job
Angrybirds1999 CEO
SuperSaiyanKirby Game Director and Developer

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