Precious Pixels is a 2D Retro-style platformer based of off Megaman/Rockman. This game was developed by Ethan Rumowski, CSketch, and a few others. The game is planned to be released on the PS3 November 17, 2016, the PS4 November 18th 2016, the Xbox 360 December 2, and the Xbox One December 3rd.


Like I mentioned at the beggining of the article, the game was an 8-bit platformer based off of Megaman/Rockman. The game would have the same controls as a 2D platformer would have. The graphics though, would be 8-bit, with an added Filter option. The plotline is that are beloved heroes have opened a portal that leads to many worlds. With those many worlds though, came many villains the escaped from their worlds. Your job is to make your way across the world to beat all the villains that managed to escape with you, a partner (2P, 3P, and 4P Rock!), and an assistant NPC. The game will be easy at the beggining, but will have a slightly tight difficulty curve after you beat the second boss. Then the game will get all complicated by adding new gimmicks, harder platforming, and MORE ICE PHYSICS!

All characters will have the same health, but besides that, will have all different stats, so it's more like classes than characters...but it will have to do. Every player can have an assistant except in 4P mode, where only 3 assistants can join. Now if you are ready for details, follow me people! Uh-hurm....FOLLOW ME PEOPLE!


Playable Characters

Controls are for the PS3 and PS4

CZack CZack is the character that focuses on ranged attacks, critical hits, and good-looking hair.

Rapid Arrow: Shoots fast, but weak arrows. (Tap Square)

Laser Arrow: Shoots an arrow that is VERY strong and VERY fast. (Hold Square)

Fireworks: Shoots an arrow upwards. (Up + Tap Square)

Mega Claus Mega Claus is a blue and cyan santa. His hobbies include: Feeling left out and handing kids grenades for X-mas.

Santa Bomb: Creates a bomb. (Tap Square)

Strike and a Spare: Rolls your bomb. (Tap Square next to your bomb)

Frosty Slide: Lets you do the classic MM3 sliding. (Down + Tap X)

Assistant Characters

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